This picture first surfaced on the EDMW forum:

I am not sure if it’s a prank or if the mall management at Leisure Park Kallang are the ones responsible. I am hoping it is a prank because if it’s the latter, it totally stinks of NSFs and NSmen discrimination.

Do not give crappy excuses like the boys are smelly or that their boots are dirty. If so, malls like White Sands in Paris Ris should have such signs all year round as that’s where all the NS boys pass by on weekends to or from Pulau Tekong. If it is really about wet or dirty boots, just placing some mats at the entrance and a polite sign asking NDP uniform personnel to clean up before entering will suffice.

Some concerned Singaporeans have posted on Leisure park Kallang’s faecbook page to get an answer from their management and to verify the authenticity of the sign. I hope to see a reply soon.

It saddens me to see my fellow NS brethren treated like dogs or lesser beings in the same country which we sacrificed two years of our youth and decades of reservist duties to protect.

When in uniform, it seems we are prime targets for discrimination. There is this amazing lady who thinks men in uniform are not allowed to sit in public trainsthere is National Geographic who think it is really fun to get the public to show their ‘officer quality’ by yelling at fake soldiers, making them shine boots. 

If the sign at Leisure Park Kallang is indeed put up by the management to discriminate against NSFs and NSmen, I strongly suggest a boycott of the mall to send a clear signal that enough is enough – stop discriminating against the poor boys who are sacrificing themselves to defend you and our nation!

These two GIFs from the EDMW forum sums up my sentiments: