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6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Use SG BusLeh For Your Daily Commute

I am a busy person with no car. I take the bus at least 4 times a day and I really hate standing at the bus-stop looking like an idiot while waiting 20 minutes for the next bus.

There are a number of apps in the market now that tells me the arrival time of the next bus, but I find them incredibly tedious to use.

Why should I jump through so many screens just to get to the bus arrival timing?  Why do the timings load so slowly…. wait, still loading?! Why must I get the arrival timing for each bus at the same bus-stop one by one, there’s more than one bus I can take! Everything just takes too long to load and takes too many steps!

You know what do programmers do when they see a problem? They drink some coffee and wake up 3 months later with a brand new app!

With the help of my talented team at boutique singapore based mobile app development company Originally US, we gave birth to SG BusLeh, a truly innovative bus arrival app available on both Google Play and App Store!


1. You can now plan what time to leave home or office

Let’s face it. Existing bus apps only provide up to 2 bus arrival timing, which are not especially useful if your office or home is some distance away from the bus-stop.

If the second bus comes in 7 minutes, and your office or house is 10 minutes walk from the bus-stop, what good is a bus app?

With 3 bus arrival timing, I know exactly how fast I should finish pang-sai-ing at home and walk to the bus-stop and be there in time to catch the bus.

2. You can know whether there are seats

Want to have an advance warning of whether you will get to rest your buttocks on the bus before it arrives?

SG BusLeh presents how full the bus is as an easy to understand bar. If the bar is empty – you probably have seats. If the bar is full – good luck.

3. You can view all buses at once

There are often many buses that I can take to the same destination at the same bus-stop, but existing bus apps requires me to tap on each bus one by one to get each arrival time.  You think play whack-a-mole is it?

With SG BusLeh, you simply tap on a bus-stop, and the arrival time of all buses at thebus-stop are instantly shown.

4. You can search for anything

Searching for a specific bus-stop is often a pain in the ass on most bus apps. Do you want to search by bus-stop id? Or should you browse by road names? Or maybe you can try to search for the bus number and try to figure the bus route out.

SG BusLeh doesn’t care. Just swipe to “Search” and enter anything. Anything at all. Road names, bus-stop names, bus-stop ids, bus numbers, postal codes or even names of malls and buildings! Or the name of your neighbor’s pet dog. The same search box takes anything!

No other bus-app is this smart!

5. You can name your bus-stops in favourites

It is often a mystery how bus-stops get their name. Sometimes, they get named after HDB blocks that are 100 miles away.

Even when certain bus apps allow you to bookmark bus-stops, you often still get confused and disoriented unless you have memorized all the bus-stop names.

With SG BusLeh, you get to be your own government and name the bus-stops yourself. This way, you know exactly which bus-stop is which and don’t lose track.

playstore106. You get to see the LOCATION of the next bus

This is one feature that makes any commuter orgasm! The pipe dream of  being able to see the location of the previous bus, on top of using looking at the estimate arrival time is only available on SG BusLeh (currently only on Android), not other bus apps. You have got to see it to experience it for yourself to see how well it works and how useful it is.

Are You Convinced Yet?

Download SG BusLeh right now to experience it for yourself. Like all the other 15,000 users who have already downloaded in the pass few weeks, I am sure you will not regret it.

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