1st Ever Singapore Social Media Awards! Vote Now! - Alvinology

1st Ever Singapore Social Media Awards! Vote Now!

1st Ever Singapore Social Media Awards! Vote Now! - Alvinology

We won’t deny that phones are beginning to replace televisions, cameras and radio. In a generation heavily engaged by social media, it is about time some digital content creators gain some credit for their work.

Running in its first iteration, the Singapore Social Media Awards (SSMA) provides recognition for emerging personalities and content creators on social media.

27 nominees across 9 award categories were announced online last week and range from photographers and fashion icons from Instagram, YouTube producers and independent musicians.

In the spirit of all things digital, this awards show has gone fully online, from its social voting to online-only premiere slated for release in late April.

Winners will be determined by online votes from the fans and voting closes on 22 March 2015.

By omitting a jury and empowering fans with a stake in the awards, the organisers “hope to set a standard — defined by the community, in the consideration of what is great content and what isn’t in the noise that floods the web.”

Night Owl Cinematics founder, Ryan Tan, is definitely #legit

Renowned director, Leonard Soosay on the nomination.

1st Ever Singapore Social Media Awards! Vote Now! - Alvinology

You may vote for your favourite personalities and content creators at www.smawards.sg.

Here’s a full list of the nominations:

Breakout Star of the Year
Joel Tan (@gentlebones)
Trevor Tham (@trevmonki)
Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly)

Music Video of the Year
Caracal (Welcome the Ironists)
Joie Tan (Stay)
ShiGGa Shay (Lion City Kia)

Parody of the Year
Munah & Hirzi (Minahconda)
Noah Yap (Kiasu (Rude Parody))
Tan Jian Hao (Good Boy)

Broll of the Year
Jesher Loi
The Hidden Good
Matthew Zachary Liu

Collab of the Year
Dee Kosh (Types of Annoying People to Travel With)
Night Owl Cinematics (Shit We Watch on Television)
Benjamin Kheng (State of Origin feat. Gareth Fernandez)

Comedy Video of the Year
UMeandHara (Different Types of Chinese Friends during Ramadhan)
Night Owl Cinematics (17 Types of Ah Lians)
Wah! Banana (You are Single for a Reason)

Fashion Icon of the Year
Andrea Chong (@dreachong)
Velda Tan (@belluspuera)
Melissa Koh (@melissackoh)

Grid of the Year
Alden Chng (@aldennnnnn)
Zul (@thecynicalfox)
Bong Wei Jie (@calvinavigator)

Online Series of the Year
Yan Kay Kay (Babe of All Trades)
Dee Kosh (Doctor Dee)
TGIS (Singapore On…)

About SSMA:
SMawards.sg is the official website and voting platform where voters can view the nominees list and vote for their favourites to win the awards at this year’s show.

The awards show is an initiative to appreciate outstanding homegrown talent in Singapore. Particularly those who’ve earned their success by talking to a camera in their bedrooms, pointing their phones at the world around them or even posting status updates that inspire the community.

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