Seat-hogging student vs Starbucks - Alvinology

Seat-hogging student vs Starbucks

Seat-hogging student vs Starbucks - Alvinology

I am sorry Huixin Yap, but I support the Starbucks manager. You are just a nasty, selfish, shitty, little brat. Subsequent comments from other online users reflected the same sentiment. In fact, an online poll conducted by The Straits Times attracted more than 11,000 responses on Tuesday, of which 96 per cent agreed with what the coffee chain did.

For a detailed account on what happened, read this report via Straits Times. 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with students studying at cafes, but what went wrong is the sense of self-entitlement. Worse of all, when corrected on her errant behavior, the student is still so vile and vindictive as to pen an open complain letter to try and get the manager fired.


Where did this sense of self-entitlement comes from?

Then I recall when I was a kid studying for my exams when I was her age… the adults at home would all treat you like a little emperor or queen to ensure you have full concentration to get the best grades possible.

Is this the fault of kiasu Asian parenting?

When a student is studying, nothing is “bigger” than that. Even if it means depriving commercial entities from maximizing profits.

“I am studying for my ‘A’ Level okay! You think anything can be more important than this?”

Students studying can do no wrong.

Students studying are the role models of society.

Maybe it is society that has failed Huixin Yap by raising brats like her the way they are.

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