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#Not A Keyboard Warrior

#Not A Keyboard Warrior - Alvinology

Tired of all the trolling, flaming, hate and bullying that goes on in our cyberspace?

Support #Not A Keyboard Warrior  to make a statement.

#Not A Keyboard Warrior is the first youth-for-youth initiative in Singapore championing cyber etiquette. The campaign is an initiative by four students from my alma mater, Nanyang Technological University, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

The campaign seeks to educate youths about the consequences of cyber aggression online and to provide them with a platform to make a commitment against such behaviors.

With the rise of social media, employers and potential dates are now tapping on social media to screen their potential candidates. Popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google.

A negative image online could cost you your that job you have always wanted. A total of 90 percent of employers google their potential employees during the hiring process and 69 percent have eliminated candidates because of what they saw on social media sites. The major reasons for rejection were because they posted inappropriate photos, posted negative comments about others and demonstrated poor communication skills. (Reppler, 2013)

Behaving aggressively online can also affect your social prospects. Over 70 per cent of Singaporeans surveyed admitted tracking the digital footprint of their potential dates. (Lunch Actually, 2013)

More information is available via their official website or facebook page. 

This is kind of similar to the  Singapore Media Literacy Council’s “Let’s create a better internet” campaign on World Safer Internet Day which I blogged about last month.

This blog post is a small step in pledging my support for the campaign. Do join in too if you find it meaningful. 🙂

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