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Who is Colin Mak Yew Loong? Is he in jail for stalking several women? Is he also a weapons dealer?

The world is undeniably filled with creeps and stalkers, but some of them really rise to the top like scum. One such person is Colin Mak Yew Loong, 44 years old, who had stalked four women, but before that was a convicted illegal weapons dealer.

He was recently sentenced to two months in jail for stalking a Kazhakstani woman severely, with disturbing actions that would range from sending numerous messages and emails to showing up at the woman’s office unannounced.

According to a report, he was jailed on September 12 after he plead guilty to one count of unlawful stalking under the Protection from Harassment Act. His sentence was for two months.

Who is Colin Mak Yew Loong

Colin’s most recent crime is the stalking of a Kazakhstani woman with hundreds of messages, from both WhatsApp and email. In just one month, he sent her 278 WhatsApp messages. He also spent November 2018 up to July 29 sending her 62 emails full of harassment.

Aside from the numerous messages and communication, he went to her place of work, which was a school. He went there a total of four times in six months. According to the same report, he was unwelcome in the place.

How bad was his stalking?

The same report said that the height of his desperate and disturbing messages was in November last year. He sent the woman in questions 173 messages in one week, where she only replied in 20 messages. She stopped replying after he asked her for her shoe size.

She blocked his number in December of that same year.

She was unable to block him from her email, though. Reports did not reveal what he told her in his emails.

He tried to give the victim in this crime a gift in the form of a soft toy. He showed up at her office and asked a person to open the door with their own access pass. She told him she did not want to see him any longer and he left.

But that was not the end of it–he returned three more times. She had sent him an email telling him that she would never have any interest with him, did not want to date him or have a relationship with him, and was not comfortable with how he was acting towards her.

Only after the fourth time he arrived at her office unannounced and forcing his presence on her did she call the police.


While he was arrested just in August 3, he did not have a lawyer and instead asked the judge handling his case to be gentle with his sentencing as the huge amount of emails and messages only contained words about politics and business collaborations. He insists that he did not threaten her.

Not the first time

He had previously stalked an American singer named Leandra Ramm. She developed mental issues such post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD from his actions and have eventually written a book about her ordeal.

Reports said he got into his obsession with the singer after seeing her in a CNN talk show in 2005. He continued stalking her from 2005 to 2011, sending disturbing messages amounting to 5,000 emails and voice mails. Most of the content of the messages was that he would kill her.

His other victims were a 30-year-old Hungarian music teacher and a 28-year-old Ukrainian musician.

Arms dealer

He was also previously jailed for a month in a case involving 20,000 illegal arms that he tried to deal in 2006. He was jailed for eighteen months for this offense.

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  1. He also keeps on sending me so many WhatsApp messages and talking about six packs an d criticising people about their body parts such as navel.

  2. i was just told he is out of prison and loitering around near SMU next to the YMCA , how can the authoritise release him from prison with several cases of intimidation .

  3. It’s with cases like these, that I have to wonder how those with no desire to live, don’t take a guy like this out instead.

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