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Which are the 10 most popular NTUC FairPrice housebrand items?

Which are the 10 most popular NTUC FairPrice housebrand items?

In Singapore, NTUC FairPrice is the largest supermarket operator with the most number of outlets spread across the island. It is where most Singaporeans flock to to get our groceries and household supplies.

For the budget-conscious, FairPrice stock a large selection of housebrand goods which are comparable in standard to national brands, but are generally priced at 10 to 20 per cent cheaper. If you are not picky about brands like me, buying housebrand items can amount to quite a bit of savings on the monthly grocery bills.

To share with everyone, here are some top FairPrice housebrand products that you might not even know about.

FairPrice Olive Oil Spread (375g)
Price: S$4.70
Country of Origin: Australia



A trans fat-free and Healthier Choice product to dip your bread in; or for use in cooking or baking as a healthier alternative to butter.

FairPrice Gold Premium Arabica Freeze Dried Coffee (200g)
Price: S$9.80
Country of Origin: Germany

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Made from premium quality roasted Arabica coffee beans, its full-bodied aroma and smooth and rich taste makes it an essential for coffee lovers.

FairPrice Rolled Oats (1kg)
Price: S$4.35
Country of Origin: Australia



Here’s another healthy food product, with 100% wholegrains and is perfect as a breakfast choice. It is high in dietary fibre and is naturally cholesterol free. You can eat it on it’s own or or as toppings for oatmeal, baking and roasting.

FairPrice Roti Prata (32s, 2kg)
Price: S$7.50



This FairPrice’s best-selling housebrand frozen snack. Enjoy the authentic taste of this Singapore favourite anytime of the day without the trans fats and cholesterol!

FairPrice Green Tea
Price: Available in 50 sachets x 2g at S$5.15



This is made with authentic Yabukita Blend green tea from Japan. With a smooth, delicate and subtle flavour, it pairs well with fish, chicken or seafood, and is a great after-meal drink as well.

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FairPrice Spring Roll (500g)
Price: S$4.85



This is another popular housebrand snack. Just 3 minutes in hot oil turns it from frozen to crisp and golden. Suitable for vegetarians, it is trans fat and cholesterol-free.

FairPrice Canola Oil
Price: Available in 1L, 2L, 3L and 5L and is priced at S$3.65, S$6.80, S$9.90 and S$14.50 respectively



Extracted from pressed canola seeds, FairPrice Canola Oil is naturally high in monounsaturated fat, containing Omega 3 and 6. It is also a certified Healthier choice product, perfect for all types of cooking at home, at the best price.

FairPrice UHT Milk (1L)
Price: Available in Full Cream, Skim and Low Fat versions at S$1.90 each
Country of Origin: Australia



Made from fresh milk with no preservatives, FairPrice UHT Milk can be enjoyed on its own or used as an ingredient for cooking or baking.

FairPrice Germicide
Price: Available in 750ml and 2L at $5.35 and $11.50 respectively

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This is effective in disinfecting fabric and surfaces as it kills 99.9% of germs. It contains natural ingredients from plants and can be used for various purposes. It is safe for everyday use such as first aid care, personal hygiene, household hygiene and a laundry sanitiser.

Home Proud 16” Stand Fan
Price: $$52.90



This is the big surprise – did you know FairPrice has a housebrand FAN? Cool your home down in warm weather with Home Proud 16” Stand Fan, which comes with a Remote Control. It has three speed control and a 7.5 hour timer, perfect to keep the heat away with convenience.

Happy shopping!

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    May I check if this top 10 list Is this based on Fairprice sales volume/statistics or is it your opinions? Thank you very much!


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