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Catch Alvinology on Channel NewsAsia’s SG+

CNA interview in my home
CNA interview in my home

I was interviewed for an episode of SG+ which will be showing on Channel NewsAsia (CNA) on Tuesday (1 Oct 2013) at 8pm.

SG+ is described by CNA as a weekly current affairs programme that examines complex long-term issues facing Singapore as we redefine our future.

The topic I was interviewed on was whether social media affects Singaporeans’ trust in the government – in a densely connected online world, social media and networks have great potential in influencing our thoughts and actions. Does it affect our trust in the government and public institutions?

I hope I did okay as I was running a slight fever that day. I decided to go ahead with the interview as the CNA crew had specially arranged to come over my home for the shoot.

Do share your thoughts on this issue by leaving comments. 🙂

  1. Well its good to have platforms to voice out opinion and to be heard. What’s bad probably the misleading info that can come out from it. I think Singaporeans are still in the process of opening up, learning how to verify those facts they read, establishing collabrated organization which are independent etc. It goes along how the society begin to advance forward towards openness culture. I still believe we are still far to go as compared to what we see in the western countries.

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