Did Linda Chung (钟嘉欣) "run light (走光)" at Star Award (红星大奖) 2013? - Alvinology

Did Linda Chung (钟嘉欣) “run light (走光)” at Star Award (红星大奖) 2013?

IMHO, Linda Chung (钟嘉欣) looked the prettiest at last night’s Star Award 2013, triumphing all the local stars.

A reader alerted me that she might have  “run light (走光 or zaogeng)” while she was alighting from her chauffeured car onto the red carpet:

My eyes are old and I don’t see anything. For those with razor sharp eyes, did she… or didn’t she?

Strangely, why was the official LIVE camera positioned in such a way? I saw other female stars having the same problem when alighting from their respective rides.

  1. Yes she definitely run light ! I saw it very clearly on the live show itself .its too obvious ! I enjoyed it!

  2. Who gives a shyt abt ladies running light alighting from cars from TV. Its bcoz the media wants your attention to stay tuned into their programmes, so that they can get more viewership count.

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