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Workers’ Party VS People’s Action Party: 1-0

No, I am not weighing in on the PAP town councils vs WP town council AIM saga. Enough has been written about the incident by prominent online figures like Yawning Bread, Cherian George, Tan Kin Lian and Tan Cheng Bock. I am not so chim.

Compare these two pictures below:

WP MPs performing on stage (Click to enlarge)
WP MPs performing on stage (Click to enlarge)
PAP MP Dr Teo Ho Pin performing on stage (click to enlarge)
PAP MP Dr Teo Ho Pin performing on stage (click to enlarge)

Over the weekend, the WP MPs performed on stage for their first ever variety show, Bricks in Blue to raise funds for new, bigger party headquarters.

All the Facebook and social media shares I saw online were positive, praising the WP MPs for their fun spirit and gameness to entertain.

In contrast, whenever any PAP MP try to do something fun or engage in some performances, the online comments are almost 90% nasty and poking of them. Some even become “classics jokes” like Minister Lim Swee Say dressed as Zorro. Anyone still remember the P65? This is the first ever PAP “hip hop band” of which the now notorious Michael Palmer was formerly a dance member.

Even before social media like Facebook was popular, Singaporeans had a field day poking fun of the P65 dance video.

Why ah?

Why WP dance and perform on stage = cool, stylo-milo and humble; but PAP dance and perform on stage = wayang, childish and nothing betting to do?

Fellow Singaporeans! Why you all so unfair one?


  1. Its the same if you compare a man in a suit walking along a highway and a begger walking along a highway…. The first one, would mean something is wrong, second one is perfectly normal

  2. Take Lim Swee Say – here’s the labour chief that’s always seen to be on the side of the employer instead of employee, exhorting the workforce to be better, faster, and CHEAPER. When he dresses as Zorro, will the public see a legendary hero fighting for the poor, or a walking joke in poor taste?

  3. “Fellow Singaporeans! Why you all so unfair one?”

    it is all come down to human nature. At the end of day, it is how people perceive the party whether it is trustworthy, credible, honest and has integrity. Needless to say, if the party has good characters, and people perceive as wise will react to it positively, otherwise whatever they do, people will react to it negatively. Simply if one has the trust, one gain the support. When one lose the trust, one lose everything, and it will take a long time to regain the trust as it need to rebuild the relationship again.

    But it seems that PAP does not care about trust and branding, and continue its way of arrogance and unacceptable ways of governing as though telling the public that “what can you do to me as I am powerful and wealthy, and run the country as I please” .

    Even if some PAP people are good but overall party’s impression is negative, the whole bunch of the party will be naturally treated as such. That is why I found PAP so repulsive as they love to sue people under personal capacity as and when they like it when they want to associate with such party in the first place. If they believe that reputation, respect and integrity is all about winning in lawsuit , they are indeed living in their own make-believe world.

  4. one is sincere n doesnt try to be what they are not.. the other is trying too hard to be “hip n cool” and blend in. dats y..

  5. look at the first pic – they all dress differently but they hold hands to show unity. informal dressing. wear their own cloths to show thrift. this means they can be all different but they are united and can work together. no frills.

    2nd pic – coordinated dressed up. frills. orchestrated. putting up a show. doing the most latest dance (ie: fad). trying too hard. fake.

  6. How to hypnotize yourself into the fairness of them all.

    1) Look into the mirror and ask “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairness of them all ?”
    2) Looking at your own reflection, answer “It’s me, who else but me. there’s nobody but me here. White is fair, and fair is white, I’m the fairness of them all”
    Does that make you feel good ?

  7. the purpose of the dance in the 2 events (WP vs PAP) are different
    WP is trying to raise funds, PAP is simply holding a kindergarten graduation ceremony.
    i dont need to see random figures clowning on stage at a kindergarten graduation. i rather the focus be on my small boy and girl.

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