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Who is Perry Jian Kangyue – the Singaporean guy charged with damaging an ambulance in London?

In a recent report by the Straits Times, a Singaporean guy, Perry Jian Kangyue, 26, was said to be charged in London for smashing an ambulance during the last World Cup.

Singaporeans are generally know to be timid and law-abiding due to Singapore’s reputation as a squeaky clean nanny state. If the allegations about Perry are true, this guy would appear to be quite a football hooligan.

In the the same report, Perry is said to have smashed the emergency vehicle’s windscreen and made dents in its bonnet on July 7, together with two Englishmen and a Scottish woman. The other three accused were named as Scott Dennett, 25, James Elton, 27 and Larissa Bell, 21. The four of them were accused of causing total damage of £6,867.42 (S$12,007). The incident also left the ambulance out of service for 34 days.

Here are some pictures shared online which identified the group:

So who is Perry Jian Kangyue? 

According to efinancialcareers, Perry is quite a high-flier in the financial world and works as a junior J.P. Morgan trader, a coveted position which many would aspire towards.

Jian was said to be a former student of the Singapore Management University with a degree in Economics and works as an analyst on J.P. Morgan’s emerging markets, FX and rates trading desk.

The bank declined to give a statement with regards to Perry’s case, but they are already aware of Jian’s involvement in the criminal offense in London. Such acts can be damaging to Jian’s banking career due to misalignment with the company’s efforts to improve its culture and appeal.

What happened in London

The four individuals were captured on various photos and videos at the scene, dancing atop an ambulance. Here’s one such video which surfaced online:

The ambulance was reported to be damaged while the driver was tending to a member of the public who had fallen and suffered a head wound.

Prosecutor Dami Eniola stated that “the bonnet was dented, the windshield was smashed, essentially it was dented.”  The alleged violators were identified on social media and it was mentioned in court that seven people “were caught by social media footage to be seen on the vehicle and the bonnet”.

What will happen to Perry Jian

All four defendants are obliged to attend an hearing on 8 Jan, 2019, in London Crown Court. If found guilty of criminal damage charges, they could face up to 12 weeks jail time in London. Perry apparently had not pled guilty.

However, his reputation and career in the financial industry may be damaged due to the widespread publicity over the incident.

Featured image of Perry Jian Kangyue via @Real_IkennaObi on Twitter.


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