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Mark Lee’s 5-year-old child suffers from rare kidney disease, asks other parents for information

Comedian Mark Lee has posted an appeal for information regarding an autoimmune disease that has struck his 5-year-old, Calynn.

In a report by Toggle, Mark has set up a Facebook group where he details the difficulties that his daughter is going through, from the start of her very high, 40-degree fevers a few months ago to the treatment that she is undergoing now.

What’s wrong with Calynn?

Toggle reports that Mark’s wife, Catherine Ng, had posted a group called “Cheers for Calynn,” which aimed to gather information and support for their family in light of Calynn’s diagnosis of Glumerulonephritis.

According to The National Kidney Foundation, this type of disease indicates that the filters that exist in our kidneys to clean toxins and other substances from our blood do not function. Calynn’s sickness started in May with very high fevers.

When the doctor’s checked her urine, they found white blood cells in the lab results, which lead them to diagnose her with the rare disease.

What’s happening to Calynn now?

According to Mark and his wife, their youngest daughter has gotten her first round of treatments, but the doctors say that they are not sure how long the road to recovery is going to be.

Doctors cannot peg her recovery if it will take months of up to five years. This is the mean reason why Mark and his wife created the Facebook group.

“This is our first time learning of such a disease, so we hope for families with children facing the same medical condition to leave a comment and help us understand it better, and better learn how to care for her,” Catherine said.

“We hope the medicine helps her. She is a brave little child who doesn’t cry despite receiving so many injections. She only cried once when a doctor accidentally pricked her during a jab. I hope everyone can cheer for her, thank you!” Catherine wrote.

They are discussing Calynn’s case with one of the foremost experts on the disease in Singapore, but they are having trouble understanding. They are appealing to other people who have experienced this disease to help them understand how to help their daughter.

The expert, though, has mentioned that Mark and Catherine must prepare for the worst, especially if Calynn doesn’t respond to the medicine.

What about Mark’s other children?

Mark and Catherine have two older children. Callista, 10 years old, and Marksson, 7 years old, are big enough to understand that their little sister needs extra care because she is sick.

According to the same report, the children are adjusting to Calynn’s stricter diet. They are no longer allowed to eat chocolate and their diet consist of less sugary, less salty, and less sour food at home.

The family also took a recent overseas trip before Calynn’s treatments started, since it would be difficult to do so once she begins her several rounds of treatment.

Netizens send words of support

After the news of Calynn’s sickness was revealed, netizens have offered words of comfort and support for Mark and his family.

Hope you get well soon, Little Calynn!


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