Here’s a scalp treatment programme specifically tailored for time-starved executives - Alvinology

Here’s a scalp treatment programme specifically tailored for time-starved executives

It comes with age – thinning hair, receding hairline, greying and increased hair loss. There isn’t that much grooming a man must do compared to the ladies and as such, it’s even more important to play special attention in keeping the crown on our head intact.

Specialised shampoo and haircare products can only do that much whereas hair treatment at haircare centres may take up too much time and have many hidden costs. This is why PHS HAIRSCIENCE Group, a leading premium hair and scalp specialist in Singapore established in 2006, came up with a series of new products and concepts.

Recently, I was invited to try out PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION at their newly launched PHS HAIRSCIENCE CAPSULE concept store. There are currently two such stores in Singapore, conveniently located in two shopping malls – Bedok Mall and Parkway Parade. I went to the one at the former.

Redefining scalp treatments with PHS HAIRSCIENCE CAPSULE stores

When I arrived at Bedok Mall, I walked past the concept store at first, not realising it was the store I was looking for. From the outside, it just does not look like the conventional scalp treatment shopfront which we are used to. The store adopts an open concept, with retail space taking up the visible front area. Treatment and analysis take place in a more private setting for privacy.

Here’s a scalp treatment programme specifically tailored for time-starved executives - Alvinology

I like this fresh new look. It is less intimidating and costs are all transparent, labelled and listed upfront. It feels more inviting to walk in and have a chat with the trichologist-trained experts, without having the pressure of being stuck in a closed sales environment whereby you may sign up for something which you regret later.

Here’s a scalp treatment programme specifically tailored for time-starved executives - Alvinology
Consultation with the branch manager at the capsule

The treatment regime is also extremely straightforward. You buy the product from the retail store and they provide oxy infusion treatments. If you do not have time to head down regularly to the stores for treatments, you can DIY at home or while travelling too, following the instructions that comes with the products. However, the former is recommended for best  results.


This technology is claimed by PHS HAIRSCIENCE as the first medical-grade Korean stem cell hair loss solution being made available to consumers at the retail level in Singapore. It is botanically-sourced and scientifically-developed by a team of Korean bio-scientists, trichologists and dermatologists specialising in hair restoration surgery.

Here’s a scalp treatment programme specifically tailored for time-starved executives - Alvinology

The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION programme was developed with the hectic lifestyles of busy professionals in mind as these individuals may not be able to commit to time intensive in-centre treatments and package costs. Each in-store treatment session is a quick 45-minute process, and you will also be recommended with a selection of home care trichological products that will be prescribed in accordance to your scalp and hair condition, to enhance the efficiency of the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION treatments.

Here’s a scalp treatment programme specifically tailored for time-starved executives - Alvinology

What really stood out for me are that there are no hidden costs (just pay for the product) and flexibility in the usage of the product; either applied in-store in a relatively short 45 minutes or in the comfort of one’s own home. For in-store treatment, simply head down to CAPSULE after booking an appointment and a consultant will tend to you before the treatment to assess your scalp and hair condition. The treatment then follows, followed by another consultation session to see if any product recommendations are needed for further care.

Here’s a scalp treatment programme specifically tailored for time-starved executives - Alvinology

I experienced the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION Hair Growth programme which is said to be tailored to rejuvenate hair growth. I have gone for two sessions so far and they went well. I was also prescribed with two different treatment shampoos, a soothing gel and a serum to apply after wash, it defiantly is the best anti hair loss shampoo. These are to be used and applied on my own at home.

I was recommended to use these two shampoos
I was recommended to use these two shampoos
Stem Cells Activator Roller Tube
Stem Cells Activator Roller Tube

The science of SigGrow and the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION

The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION is specially formulated with SigGrow, a Korean-developed complex of nano-sized growth factors, peptides and cytokines scientifically-proven to be effective in reviving dormant hair follicles, with new hair growth results expected as early as two months.

Scientifically-developed and botanically-sourced, SigGrow has been shown to be 50% more effective in maximising hair growth period compared to a common prescriptive drug-based topical medication, in an independent study by the Korea Food and Drug Administration laboratory. In addition to SigGrow, the Miracle Stem Cell Solution also contains vitamins, anti-oxidants and DHT blockers, is free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils and benzophenone, and is non-invasive in application.

The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION claims to contain more than 100 active botanical ingredients including nine growth factors, which is 10 times more than other products in the market and as such, is able to treat advanced hair loss of Stages 5 and 6 – as long as one’s hair follicles are not dead – without the need for needles.

The variants under the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION programme

The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION Hair Growth programme is available in five variants to address specific stages of hair loss and to promote hair growth – Hair Thinning Control, Hair Loss Control, Patchy Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata) Control, Hair Thickening Regenerator and Hair Growth Regenerator. A Grey Reversal Programme is also available to help those with greying hair regain their natural hair colour.

Here is a more detailed description of what each variant entail:


Suitable for different stages of greying hair from preventative care (10-20% grey hair) and early stage (21-40% grey hair) to advanced stages of greying (more than 40% grey hair). The Grey Reverse Regenerator contains SigGrow™-Mela, which helps to re-kindle cell signals that are essential in increasing melanin production and transportation of melanin from the root of the hair to the shaft. It helps grey hair regain its colour without the need for chemical hair dyes, which with repetitive use can be harsh on the scalp.



Formulated for fine and limp hair, treats thinning hair from the root. The solution repairs damages from free radicals and sun damage, restores strength of hair follicles and regenerates the scalp collagen tissue.
With its unique blend of botanical extracts and peptides, hair fibre production is boosted, expanding hair diameter, making each individual strand stronger, thicker and fuller. Using it regularly will help to delay the thinning process.


Reduces 5-alpha reductase, a protein which acts as a catalyst to convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to prevent presence of excessive DHTs that cause premature hair fall, especially for those who are genetically predisposed to be more sensitive to the effects of DHT. Its unique formula normalises sebum production and reduces inflammation and amount of hair fall. The solution helps to increase micro-circulation of blood and supply oxygen to hair cells which will help to reduce hair fall rate, stabilise and regrow hair and strengthen and fortify new hair growth gradually.


Treats spot hair loss and accelerates hair growth rate, helping hair to grow faster. The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION helps to correct disturbed and confused pathway of the immune system and normalises it. It triggers stem cells activation to stimulate hair follicles for hair regeneration.


Awakens hair cells to stimulate denser hair growth. The penetrative effects increase activity in stem cells and supply nutrients and oxygen which help to increase number of Keratinocyte (keratin cells) to achieve thickening effect, resulting in healthier, stronger and thicker hair.


Stimulates hair cell renewal to promote healthy hair growth. The penetrative effects increase secretion of essential growth factors which help supply sufficient protein and nutrients from the root to the hair matrix. Nutrients supply is boosted to activate stem cells and strengthen hair stem cell follicles function. This helps stem cells to maximise hair life span in the growth stage as it will result in less hair fall. Use regularly to prolong hair lengthening and thickening effects.

The Treatment

Once you’ve been recommended with the variant of MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION that is appropriate for your scalp condition, the treatment process begins with a series of welcome rituals such as a brief head massage and techniques to release tension and get the blood circulation going, before the following key steps take place:

Here’s a scalp treatment programme specifically tailored for time-starved executives - Alvinology

  • Hair Follicle Balancing to prepare scalp for treatment – removes excess oils and balance pH levels
  • Oxy Jet Spray to oxygenate the scalp – improves blood circulation, actives cellular activities and is anti-inflammatory
  • Oxy Infusion of MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION for a more effective follicle activation
  • Hyperbaric Oxy Infusion to infuse 95% pure oxygen into deeper layers of the scalp – hair bulb and dermal papilla areas

The treatment is fast, fuss-free and you’re all set to go. Hair is to be washed only after 2 hours to allow solution to be fully absorbed into hair follicles. To enhance efficacy of treatment, it is recommended that a consistent use of complementary set of home care products should be adhered to.


Enjoy a special promotional price of $58 (usual price of $392) for a one-time trial treatment of MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION for Hair Loss Control or Grey Reverse Regenerator from now till 3 July 2018. Simply quote “Alvinology” when you book an appointment or call 6692 0662. Valid for Singaporeans, PRs, E/S pass holders, above 21 years old only.


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