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No, this isn't a CSB
No, this isn’t a CSB

Plugging this for my friend, Yong Wei who is serving his NS now. You know how badly SAF underpays our NSFs. Yong Wei can definitely do with some extra income on the side.

His online store, Super Store Singapore sells customised badges, including this Internet Meme series which I quite like:

Internet Meme Badges
Internet Meme Badges

They also do bulk orders and personalisation. Do visit Super Store Singapore to find out more. 🙂

About Super Store Singapore:

Super Store Singapore specializes in producing premium custom badges with convenience, their range of services include:

– Bulk customisation of badges orders
– Personalised badges
– Designers showcase(Public may send in their designs)
– And specialized name card badges.

Super Store Singapore also strongly believes in cultivating a community of artists in Singapore and they are acting as a platform for aspiring artists to show their talents and share it with others, at the same time earning a profit through their commissions program from their designs.

Super Store Singapore love badges, a lot, and would like to share this passion along with you!

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