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The 10 Best Florists in Singapore

The 10 Best Florists in Singapore

There’s nothing more timeless and tasteful than the gift of flowers. Fortunately, flower delivery services in Singapore have made the process of buying bouquets easier and more enjoyable. Gone are the cumbersome days of going to the market and having to settle for cut blooms that are way past their prime. These days, you can quickly order flowers online and have them delivered in a matter of minutes within the comfort of your home.

Florists and entrepreneurs alike are offering a diverse array of bespoke services any flower aficionado can enjoy. So if you are shopping for blooms, here are 10 of the best florists in Singapore.

A Better Florist

Take all the things you look for in a florist and you’ve got A Better Florist. All the bare essentials are there from a simple and responsive online shop, lightning fast free delivery service, high quality yet affordable blooms and tastefully arranged bouquets for all sorts of occasions. Their customisable bouquets are meticulously curated and arranged by their team of professional florists. They also offer workshops every Saturday for flower aficionados interested in the art of flower arrangements and floristry. To guarantee freshness, their flowers are sourced from the nurseries of Cameron Highlands, which means they arrive at your doorstep no more than 2-3 days old from the time of harvest. The best part? You get your flowers delivered free of charge in just a few hours! | +65 3163 1525

Sing See Soon

Sing See Soon grew from a small and traditional family business to being the blooming online florist that it is today. They specialise in creative consultations for corporate clients and events. So far, they’ve clinched projects for Hotel InterContinental, Shangri-La, Fullerton, The Ritz Carlton and Marina Bay Sands. They also have a wider selection of flowers as they source their blooms from various places, including New Zealand, Thailand and India, in addition to Malaysia and Holland. | +65 6285 2777

Roses Only

Founder James Stevens found a niche in the flower industry and made the most of it. As clearly indicated in their brand, Roses Only specialises in the classic bloom—roses. Specifically, they offer the finest long-stemmed roses in colourful hues of reds, whites, yellows and purples. Initially based in Australia, Roses Only started expanding globally, finding its way in Singapore’s shores in 2013. | +65 6256 1818

Floral Magic

One of Floral Magic’s primary services are bridal bouquets and other wedding-related arrangements. They offer nine bouquet arrangements which would complement any wedding theme or motif. Consultations are by appointment only, so better ring them beforehand to make sure they can accommodate you on the day. You can also order bouquets from their online shop which features popular blooms like roses, lilies, freesias among others. | +65 6337 6398

Poppy Floral Studio

Poppy Floral Studio, founded by former advertising executive Sarah Lim, uses seasonal blooms for their arrangements. The studio’s aesthetic veers more on the rustic and informal. Lim prefers using wildflowers and less popular flowers to create bucolic floral bundles. Weddings with bohemian or countryside themes would definitely benefit from Poppy’s chic and laid-back visual appeal. | +65 6225 8496

Far East Flora

Far East Flora has over 50 years of history and experience under its belt. This award-winning florist specialises in traditional bouquets and classic displays for various occasions, from wedding flowers to condolence flower stands. Their wide selection of arrangements start at S$50 for budget-conscious consumers. They also have floral packages for different events such as baby showers baskets and get-well-soon hampers which incorporate gifts and novelty items appropriate for such occasions. | +65 6251 2323

The Bloom Room

The Bloom Room’s repertoire consist of bouquets, dried flowers, silk flowers, centrepieces, gift sets and flower stands. They also cater to crafty DIY-inclined customers by selling floral crafting tools and materials on their online shop. They hold beginner classes for small groups where you can learn the basics of flower arrangements. | +65 6447 0217

Valen Fleur

Valen Fleur has been singled out by Singapore Tatler as one of the best florists in Singapore. They have a fairly straightforward selection of flowers on their online shop with the added functionality of a fully-customisable bouquet. Just select your colour theme / range of flowers, indicate the occasion and your budget. | +65 6738 7384

24 Hrs City Florist

For last-minute flower purchases or urgent floral needs, check out 24 Hrs City Florist. You can order flowers online or drop by their retail outlets to pick up your bouquet. They’re open daily from 9am to 6am with a 24-hour delivery service. | +65 6396 4222


Fleuriste is fairly new in Singapore’s flower industry scene as it was established only in 2015. Since opening their doors, Fleuriste takes pride in creating bespoke bouquets and arrangements different budgets and specifications. As their website states: “No occasion is too small to show your love, appreciation and friendship with flowers.” | +65 9068 5320

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