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Korean R21 Movie: The Scent (捉奸侦探)

The Scent movie poster in Korean
The Scent movie poster in Korean

I like detective movies, especially those with complicated plot whereby the audience is kept guessing from start till end.

The Scent (捉奸侦探) or 간통을 기다리는 남자, is a Korean detective movie which kept me in suspenses for most part of the movie.

The movie is clearly made for adults, featuring many titillating sex scenes (hence the R21 rating in Singapore). The beautiful lead actress, Park Si-Yeon disrobed for the camera in a few of the scenes.

Lead actress, Park Si-Yeon who bared for the camera
Lead actress, Park Si-Yeon who bared for the camera

There are bits of humour injected here and there which help to sustain the audience’s interest through a rather complicated plot.

The lead actor, Park Hee-Soon, has good comic timing and rather convincing as a struggling,  detective.

Overall, I find the movie pretty enjoyable with an interesting plot, spiced up by the erotic as well as comedic scenes.

The Scent opens in Singapore cinemas today. Go catch it if you are a fan of detective movies. 🙂



Detective Kang Sun-woo who specializes in Adultery cases is running a private detective agency while he’s on suspension. He’s hired for a case with 3 days before his reinstatement.

He calmly enters the motel to catch the scene but what he finds at the scene is two dead bodies. The only witness is Soo-jin, the wife of the dead man.

Now Sun-woo is in danger of ending up as a prime suspect.

Sun-woo tries his best to find the real killer but the situation only gets worse. To top it all, Sun-woo falls into a dangerous relationship with Soo-jin who possesses provocative beauty and the situation gets more complicated.

All Sun-woo wanted was to make few bucks out of other people’s problems. But now he’s a murder suspect. Will he be able to prove himself innocent?



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