This week, while millions of people from around the world are talking about Miley Cyrus’ raunchy performance at the VMAs, Singaporeans are unfazed.


Who cares about Miley Cyrus when have our own Serina Wee:

She has been dubbed the “Goddess of Nectars and all things divine” by satire news site, New Nation, and described as having the uncanny ability to “ look at the camera and the camera also become a christian” by legendary ah beng blogger, Rockson Takumi Tan.

Major news publishers in Singapore like Yahoo! News, Straits Times and Lianhe Wanbao have dedicated widespread coverage to Serina Wee on a daily basis.

Only Serina Wee can make it to the news by simply wearing a “chic black-and-white dress” to court. Only Serina Wee can have an entire news video dedicated to her sashaying in a “chic black-and-white dress”, without even speaking a single word to the camera.

For the uninformed, Serina Wee is one of six individuals charged in the ongoing City Harvest Church trial for the alleged misuse of more than S$50 million of church funds.

Other than the City Harvest Church members themselves, I suspect most Singaporeans do not care about the trial. We are only paying attention because of Serina Wee.

Since her first court appearance, Serina Wee has captured the heart and soul of Singaporean men and women. If only City Harvest Church had the foresight to groom Serina Wee into a star instead of Sun Ho for their Crossover Project…

Every day, millions of Singaporeans are dying to know what she is wearing to court or simply to see the latest image of her.

We have not even got to hear her heavenly voice, but pictures of her are driving men crazy.

I am surprised marketers are not on to her yet.

Who cares about half-baked local TV stars or teenage bloggers. Serina Wee is the real deal!

She even have her own “Goddess” facebook fanpage!

Here are some suggestions I have for endorsement:

  1. Apparel sponsorship – apparel brands like Gucci and Prada can sponsor her outfit of her day and gain prime exposure in daily news reports.
  2. Hair sponsorship – Her flowing locks can be styled and sponsored by celebrity stylist, David Gan and Passion Salon.
  3. Watches – With a stylish flick of her wrist, Serina will be able to sell millions of watches.
  4. Shoes – Come on this is obvious. Women love shoes! Serina is the most stylish woman in Singapore and she has no shoes sponsor?
  5. Sunglasses – She needs a pair of nice shades to protect her goddess eyes from unkind paparazzi.