After serving almost two years in jail due to her conviction in the City Harvest Church court case, former accountant Serina Wee has been released.

In a report by The Straits Times, she was released on December 21, days after she turned 42 years old on December 14, 2018. She, along with a few others, were serving jail time for breach of trust in handling funds for the Singaporean megachurch that amounted to millions.

Serina is the third guilty person to be released from prison concerning the case.

Now that she’s been released, do you think she will become the next big Singaporean influencer? Our very own Martha Stuart–only more attractive?

Photo from The Straits Times.

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Who is Serina Wee?

Aside from being the former finance manager for the City Harvest Church, she used to be an accountant who had her own firm, Advante.

The trial which captured the attention of the Singaporean public was made even more spectacular as citizens would always stay tune for Serina Wee’s appearance at the courthouses, where they would see her walking around impeccably dressed.

Singaporean netizens had begun to call her their “goddess,” at the time, pertaining to her polished appearance whenever she would face her ongoing case.

Here are some of her looks during the trial.

Despite the stress of her trial, she always looks put together.

Her makeup is always on-point and her skin is amazing.

She also doesn’t look like she’s trying hard in any of these photos.

Her style will still hold up today, even after serving months in jail.

What do netizens say about her release now?

Singaporean netizens were quick to comment and encourage Serina on her release, with a lot of her fans beginning to call her their “goddess,” again, and even comparing her to a recent case of a woman released from jail after stabbing her husband. Take a look at some of the comments below:

This commenter notes that she looks incredible for her age.

Another commenter calls her a goddess.

Could she be the next big Singaporean influencer?

Without a single blog post or any endorsement or product photo, Serina’s name has become the talk of the town in Singapore. While people usually frown in disgust over people who have done jail time, this has not changed the public’s perception of Serina as a chic, put-together mom of three who just happened to be convicted of breach of trust.

Do you think she is on the right track to build an empire just like Martha Stuart did after she was released from prison for similar financial crimes?

With there style, her notoriety, and her looks, she could be on her way to gaining an even bigger following.

Take a look at her latest post, which was dated in December. According to her Instagram, she spent the days after her release with her family, and a lot of her supporters and friends wished her well and said that she can now move on from the previous chapter of her life.

What do you think of Serina’s release? Should she become an influencer? Or should she stay out of the spotlight? Let us know in the comments!