According to NUS Campus Crusade for Christ, Thailand is “a place of little true joy” because “Buddhism is so much of the Thai national identity and permeates into every level of society and culture that only one hundred Thais accept Christ each year”:

On Thailand

On Thailand

In Turkey, “much of the population is M, much prayer and work is needed in this place” (what is “M” may I ask?):

On Turkey

On Turkey

Very insensitive and very tactless.

Why do NUS Campus Crusade for Christ have to dis other religion when promoting their own?

They may have deleted their website and facebook page, but there are still screen shots and other traces of evidence left online. 

UPDATE (2.30pm, 16 Feb 2012):

NUS Campus Crusade for Christ had apologised:

I am a NUS CCC representative from NUS. With reference to the closed thread:

[GPGT] NUS group “Campus Crusade for Christ” insults Thai Buddhists and Turkey –

We would like to post an online apology as follows:

Dear Netizens,

We humbly apologize for the distress we have caused you through the poster of ours that has gone viral online. We recognize that our choice of words used should have been more sensitive and tactful. We acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and it is definitely not our intention to force anyone to believe in what we do.

We have since removed our posters and websites, and will be watchful of future actions. Thank you for your understanding and our deepest apologies again for the distress that this incident has caused you.

With sincere apologies,
On behalf of NUS Campus Crusade

NUS school Provost had given his comments as well:


The University was alerted yesterday to disrespectful and insensitive remarks about other religions and communities contained in posters and website comments put up by a student group, the NUS Campus Crusade for Christ. We contacted the student group last night. The posters that were put up on campus have been removed, and the student group has also removed all related postings at their website and Facebook page. The students concerned have also apologized.

NUS is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious community. We expect every member of our community to be respectful towards the religious customs, beliefs and sensitivities of others. The University does not endorse any comment or action by members of our community that disrupt religious harmony or disparage the diverse communities that live in Singapore and overseas.
Thank you.

Professor Tan Eng Chye
Deputy President (Academic Affairs) & Provost