Priest Aaron Tan's 牛奶都喝不够 Techno Remix - Alvinology

Priest Aaron Tan’s 牛奶都喝不够 Techno Remix

Anyway want to drink some "Sticky Milk"?
Anyway want to drink some “Sticky Milk”?

It’s finally here! The long awaited TECHNO REMIX of Aaron Tan’s Facebook video rant!

By my talented buddy, Yong Wei:

[youtube url=””]

Do check out also, Mr Brown‘s hilarious trolling video on the Aaron Tan saga:

[youtube url=””]

I have changed my Facebook name to Alvin Hosehbo Wantyouonly Bangthewall. If you want to be very Satki on Facebook, change to a long long name too and join this Facebook group I set up for like-minded Satki people. 🙂

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