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The Baccarat Institute for Applied Wealth Sciences

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I came across this program offered by “The Baccarat Institute for Applied Wealth Sciences” claiming that it can impart sure-win Baccarat methods at the casinos.

The Baccarat Institute for Applied Wealth Sciences - AlvinologyThe website paints the institute and their Baccarat workshops in a very altruistic light – The institute is not interested in making your money via their hefty course fees, neither are they promoting gambling. Instead, they just want to help gamblers turn gambling into a form of investment with calculated risk. Here’s my favourite quote: “We Don’t Teach Gambling We Teach 100% Sure Win Investing”.

Pictures of Baccarat Institute's students showing off their alleged winnings (pictures via Baccart Institute's website)
Pictures of Baccarat Institute’s students showing off their alleged winnings (pictures via Baccart Institute’s website)

Some other incredible claims taken from their website:

– “The One & Only Program In Singapore That Teaches A Real Genuine Money Making Method To Last You A Lifetime. “

– “Give Us 9 Hours, And We Will Show You How To Achieve Breathtaking Wealth And Prosperity  — Or You Don’t Pay A Cent!”

– “Each Session Only Lasts 3 Hours.  We’ll Guide You Through The Various  Techniques Of Making Money  And By The End Of 9 Hours, You Will Be  Smiling With Cash In Your Hands!”

– “We are not encouraging you to gamble. We are teaching you a skill to protect yourself from addiction and to make good money.”

– “Our strategy isnot to STOP or RESTRICT gambling. Rather, it is about teaching casino players to Make Money instead of Losing Money. It is about teaching casino players to play sensibly and wisely.”

They are good with spinning their words, but I still see it as gambling promotion when you bring students on “field trips” to casino for gambling. The National Council of Problem Gambling should really look into this institute and its Baccarat programs.

My approach to this Baccarat Institute is the same with other get-rich-quick-schemes. If it’s really so good, why do you need to advertise it? Your father, mother, immediate uncles, aunties, best friends would have been flocking to you for your tips to get rich fast and spreading the words along. Why bother offering these courses and workshops to strangers when you can benefit those closest to you first?

This is why a simple Google search of the phrase “We Don’t Teach Gambling We Teach 100% Sure Win Investing” churns out so many similar gambling websites offering roughly the same program around the world:

天下没有白吃的午餐 – There’s no free lunch in this world, especially not from strangers who need to advertise that they are giving out free lunches.

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  1. From mathematical stand point (expected value in probability theory), there is no possibility that one can win with casino in long term. Period.

  2. From a maths viewpoint, there is no way of winning. Do u know why people lose in casinos? Do u know how casino win money? Let me tell u, I attended the course, and it transformed my life. I am making more money than my jobs I had. I know why I lost. And now I m winning! I m no longer addicted because I know how the casino win our money and make us addicted. R u a gambler? Pls do yr homework before u make comments. Go take the course. Prove them wrong!

  3. Alvin, why don’t you take the course before making such baseless statements like: “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is”.
    At least you’ll seem a more credible person whose words can be supported by facts. Now, you’re just slandering that company by insinuating that they cannot do what they claim to be able to do.

  4. Casino: As I have replied to Mindy, if the course and gambling works for you, congratulations. I am very happy for you that gambling has been fulfilling and rewarding. Please continue to gamble more.

  5. Yes, i have attended the course and confirm the method is not 100% sure win as claimed by Baccarat Institute. They will intro elements such as small ghosts in casino and also energy fields as reasons when you lose using their methods.
    There was also a news report on the Master, who is engaged by the owners to teach the Baccarat course.…10-245295.html

  6. They will bring you to temple to swear vow to Tian Gong or to Church to swear.
    Do not lose your hard-earned money to this scam !!

  7. Hi all, tks for the invaluable info on this company !!
    If you see the contact number given on the Baccarat Institute website below, the owner is into other businesses as well. (
    The owner sells spectacles, pens, oxygen, sex appeal cologne spray, furnitures, too.

    Just wondering if he can 100% sure win at Casino using baccarat, why does he need to sell so many things ???? 🙂

  8. I will like to contribute my personal story of being cheated into this Baccarat course that costs me $13,888.

    In 2011 May, I chanced upon this website ( This company call Baccarat Institute claims that they teach a method of gambling at the Baccarat game which promises 100% sure win strategy.

    I then contact the number advertised on the website and get to interact with this person call Eddie, who claims to be a partner of the company. I was then invited to attend a Baccarat seminar at Mercury Roxy hotel at Marine Parade, whom Eddie promises that the Master will be present to “demonstrate” some of his Baccarat sure-win strategy.

    I attended the seminar and found that there are about 10 other persons who attended the seminar too. During the seminar, Eddie and his partner Parry, introduced the Master, known as Master Yap. Master Yap claims that he has learnt a 100 % sure-win Baccarat strategy from a Master at U.S. He claims that he lost heavily before he get to know this master and has been winnning non-stop since then. During the seminar, they keep emphasizing that what they teach is not gambling as they are able to know the results of the next Baccarat game and is a sure-win 100% strategy. During the seminar, they also get some people to testify that the method did work and how much they have won.

    As a hardcore gambler, I was gullible and believed in them. After a couple of weeks, I raised the money and paid the school fees. During the fees payment at , I was told that they forget to bring the receipt book and thus was not able to issue me with a receipt.

    I anticipated with much excitement on the lesson. The lessons was 2-day theory course and a 3-day pratical course at Casino. I was told to go to a temple at Aljunied on the morning of the first day and has to make a swear to “Tian Gong” that we are not supposed to reveal the method to anybody or to be rude to the Master Yap at any times. If not, we and our family will be harmed.
    In my course, there are 10 other students.

    During the first 2 days of theory course, we were taught some methods which requires double up of capital if we lose. What was amazing is that Master Yap, Eddie and Parry also introduced elements of “small ghost” at Casinos. Basically, the rules which they teach is we should gamble at crowded tables and follow a pattern of bets which are nothing but just doubling up your capital each time you lose. The rules only alow maximum of 3 bets per day.

    During the theory class, we were make to sign papers that says that the course and methods do work. We were kind of brainwashed then and don’t know why we sign the papers then.

    During the practical course, we did not win as per guaranteed. We tried to claim back the courses fees but they gave a lot of excuses such as small ghosts, personal magnetic field, etc. A lot of students from various month’s class team up and sue the Master and the company and also report to the police. There were a lot of news then which reported on this scam as follows:

    After their scams are exposed in end 2011, Baccarat Institute seems to have keep a very low profile, probably due to lack of students. However, I have notice lately that they have revamped their websites and put up a lot of new photos.

    The intention here is to warn the readers of Stomp and also help to spread the words not to fall into the scam of Baccarat Institute. They will aim at a person’s weakness , which is greed for money , and lure you to pay $13,888 for a method which not do guaranteed 100% sure win Baccarat Strategy. I have got wiser from this experience and hopefully nobody will believe anyone who claims that there is a 100% sure win strategy.

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