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Tron Legacy (3D)

Tron Legacy (3D) - Alvinology

Tron Legacy (3D) - AlvinologyI did not watch the original 1982 Tron movie, but knew about it’s cult following via one of my favourite TV serial, Chuck. The main character, Chuck Bartowski, is a big fan of the original Tron movie and has a framed poster hanging in his bedroom.

Thanks to the folks at Disney, I got to catch the preview screening for Tron: Legacy in 3D on Monday. The movie is a sequel to the original.

To be honest, I got totally lost with the confusing sci-fi storyline, filled with Tron jargon. It did not help that all the talents in the movie seem to act out their roles like emotionless robots (maybe it was intentional).

The saving grace was really the stunning visual effects, detailed landscaping and sleek cool costume design for the Tron cyber-universe. I love those skin suits the cyber characters were wearing with the luminous strips. I would love to get my hands on one of those to wear to costume parties.

Movie Trailer:

[youtube url=””]

On my way out of the movie theatre, I spotted a group of people crowded over three models decked in Tron outfits:

Models decked in Tron outfits at The Cathay
Models decked in Tron outfits at The Cathay

Nice right?

My overall conclusion of Tron: Legacy is that it is more of a video game and merchandising kind of movie than a movie-movie. Catch my drift? 🙂 and ASUS's Tron movie premiums contest and ASUS’s Tron movie premiums contest

Anyway, is giving out 20 sets of Tron movie premiums in a tie-up with ASUS gaming laptops. The contest will run till end of December. Do join if you are Tron fan.

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