[SPONSORED VIDEO] Tiger Beer presents #Uncage - Alvinology

[SPONSORED VIDEO] Tiger Beer presents #Uncage

Introducing a bold new Tiger Beer campaign that salutes the restless spirits of Asia who go against the norm. Check out the three videos below: 

Wake up, bath, brush your teeth, commute to work, eat dinner, sleep, repeat. Maybe with a slight deviation like catching a movie midweek or going for a daily job. Day after day, week after week, do you ever feel caged by the same old boring routine and following what society dictates you should be doing?

Tiger’s new series of videos seek to bring a fresh look at the brand, showcasing three talented individuals who live their lives “uncaged”. From an award-winning filmmaker in Singapore to a female tattoo artist from Hong Kong who goes the grain of societal expecatations of what career a woman should undertake to a Thai stunt actor who opted for an unorthdox career path , these inspiring trio live a life uncaged and unfettered by societal expectations.

The three featured individuals are Anthony Chen (Singapore), who won the Cannes Camera D’Or for his debut film ‘Ilo Ilo’ in 2013; Joey Pang (Hong Kong), a female tattoo artist who gets her inspiration from New Zealand’s Maoris; and Charlie Ruedpokanon (Thailand), a stuntman who studied with Shaolin Masters.

Many people said that Singapore’s local market is too small to groom an international filmmaker who can make movies that can touch audiences globally. Anthony Chen came along and proved this to be wrong.

Sometime, opportunities come when you take the road less traveled. Sometime, it pays to embrace challenges.

Each individual has a compelling #cage and #uncage story to tell.

Are you ready to live a life uncaged? Do you already live an uncaged life in your free time? Submit pictures of your life in a #cage and when you #uncage on the Tiger #Uncage site!

How do all these tie back to Tiger Beer?

Well, many do know Tiger has a rich brand history. It was founded in 1932 and is 82 years old this year. Tiger Beer is enjoyed in more than 70 countries globally and has won over 50 awards and distinctions, including Gold medal at the World Beer Cup 2010 (in the International-Style Lager category). This is Tiger #uncage.

[SPONSORED VIDEO] Tiger Beer presents #Uncage - Alvinology

Here’s my own #cage and #uncage images.

In my day job, I am an ordinary 9 to 5 kind of corporate guy doing social media and digital strategies and marketing – #cage:

[SPONSORED VIDEO] Tiger Beer presents #Uncage - Alvinology

Off work, I am an easy-going travel, food, entertainment and lifestyle blogger who is not afraid to let me hair down and try wacky stuff like sky-diving – #uncage:

[SPONSORED VIDEO] Tiger Beer presents #Uncage - Alvinology


What’s your story?

Post your own #cage and #uncage photos to the Tiger Uncage site and stand to win a Masterclass with film maker, Anthony Chen (there are 4 slots to be won). Have fun! 🙂

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