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WWE Daniel Bryan was in Singapore and we made him said YES to a lot of nonsenses

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Superstar Daniel Bryan was in Singapore on Wednesday (Dec 10) for his world tour, where he led a terrarium-making workshop with children from Central Singapore CDC’s Nurture 2.0 programme.

WWE Daniel Bryan
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan leading terrarium-making workshop with children (Photo: StarHub)

Nurture 2.0 is a volunteer-driven 40-week programme for children aged 7 to 12. The programme allows children opportunities for character and personal development, provides a positive learning environment and exposes them to different aspects of learning.

Daniel Bryan helping children with their terrariums
Daniel Bryan helping children with their terrariums (Photo: StarHub)

StarHub has been the main sponsor of the Nurture Programme over the last three years, making the programme available to more than 500 under-privileged children yearly.

Daniel Bryan signing posters for the children
Daniel Bryan signing posters for the children (Photo: StarHub)
Daniel with children and their finished terrariums
Daniel with children and their finished terrariums (Photo: StarHub)

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) superstar Daniel Bryan is popular among WWE fans due to his image as the ultimate underdog. He is also one of only six Grand Slam winners in WWE history, having won the WWE World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, United States and WWE Tag Team Championships.

Daniel was in Singapore on Wednesday (Dec 10) for his world tour, and he shared with migme about his love for kids, his career plans and his beard.

You have been out of action for quite a bit. What have you been up to?

Daniel Bryan: I have predominantly been gardening, working out and taking trips around the world to promote WWE. I have been to India, Dubai, was just in Malaysia yesterday, and now I am in Singapore! I also did a show for Tough Enough, and filming Total Divas with my wife. Oh, and I have been walking my dog a lot. He is most probably the most spoilt dog in the history of dogs.

Tell us how much you love kids.

Working with kids is one of the best things about our job. It’s interesting, because before I got into WWE, I worked on the Independent (Wrestling), and what I did felt very selfish. At WWE, we have been working together with Make-A-Wish Foundation. We have an anti-bullying campaign going on, called Be a STAR (Show Tolerance And Respect). I got to meet Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, who is this incredible young kid who had brain cancer.

He was just an incredible kid, and being able to meet him and make some of his wishes come true was a really cool and humbling experience. It makes you realize what is important in this life. Working with the kids is the best part of my job.

Daniel Bryan and Connor Michalek
Daniel Bryan and Connor Michalek (Photo: Screenshot from WWE GC via YouTube)

There has been talk online about you training for “something else”?

Oh, I think what’s happened is that somebody online has been saying that I am training in Jiu jitsu? I don’t really train it for any purpose. I just do it because I like it, like it’s fun for me. It’s not like I am training for MMA or anything like that.

What are your plans for your comeback?

My plans for the comeback to wrestling is to be better than ever. It’s mostly interesting because when I talk about wrestling, it is kind of a selfish thing to do. I feel like most people that get into the entertainment business do it for selfish reasons. For me, the selfish part is that it is something that is creatively fulfilling for me to do, fun for me to do. There are all these creative things that are formulating in my brain about what I would like to do when I come back. To me it’s an art form, an art form where I am constantly evolving and constantly changing. And so, for me, when I come back, it is not necessarily about how I promote myself to people, but what I do in the ring that fulfils me. And that’s why I have always been a very bad self promoter, because I am like, I do this because I like it, I don’t do it for other people.

One lucky fan on migme (@snake) had the opportunity to ask Daniel Bryan a question:

Fan Question for Daniel Bryan
Fan question for Daniel Bryan

Gosh, probably The Ryback? Ryback is somebody who I would really like to throw off a cell, through a table. He is a wonderful human being, right? He thinks that he is very big and strong, and if I could just throw him off the cell, through a table, I would be like, hah, who is big and strong now? This guy. Right here!

Daniel Bryan flexes his muscles in Singapore
Daniel Bryan answering a fan question about who he would throw off the cell and through a table. “Who is big and strong now? This guy. Right here!” (Photo: migme)

The influence of the Yes! movement is so great, one of the fans (@migbib) posted a string of Yesses instead of sending a fan question.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.30.26 pm

For those that do not watch WWE, the Yes! movement is a series of “Yes” chants that accompanies Daniel when he makes his entrance. His fans will also chant it to support him when he is wrestling in the ring.

Since “Yes” is Daniel’s wrestler mantra, and he sparked off what fans call the Yes movement, migme decided to challenge Daniel to say “Yes!” to some of the most ridiculous questions:

The last time we checked on him, he was still chanting yes.

You can catch SuperSports 2 (StarHub TV Channel 202) for the latest WWE action at 10pm every day. All episodes are within the same week of its US telecast. WWE fans can also catch WWE TLC on StarHub video on demand on 14 December 2015, 10:30pm.

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