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Brother launches ENTREPRENEUR® PRO PR-1000 in Singapore


Last week, I attended the launch of Brother‘s 10-needle home embroidery machine, Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000 at the Shangri-La Hotel. Singapore is the first market in Asia where Brother launches this high-tech sewing machine.

The actual PR-1000 sewing machine
The actual PR-1000 sewing machine

In case you are wondering what the hell I am doing at a sewing machine launch, well, I am interested more for my mom’s sake. I do have some basic knowledge of sewing and fashion design, having been exposed to the dressmaking field from a  young age, thanks to my family background.

You see, my mom used to run a dressmaking school, one of the most popular in Singapore till she went into retirement a few years ago. Here’s a video I made on the last day of her shop’s operation:

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Via the press release, Brother’s Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000 is said to be a sixth-generation machine that combines and enhances some of the most popular features of two high-end Brother machines – the single-needle Quattro™ 6000D and the six-needle Entrepreneur® PR-650.

Here’s a video showcasing the PR-1000:

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It is primarily used for embroidery work  and is targeted at small businesses, embroidery enthusiasts and home-based entrepreneurs.

Brother's representatives, talking about the product
Brother’s representatives, talking about the product

Equipped with a 10-needle embroidery system and auto threading technology, the machine eliminates the need to change thread colours constantly, providing the capability to complete intricate multi-colour designs quickly. For a 50,000 stich design, the PR-1000 can complete it 10 minutes faster than an older 6-needle model.

Sewing machines have come a long way since the days of my mom’s business. Modern machines like the PR-1000 now comes equipped with a LCD screen and computerised features. There’s zoom technology to feature up to 200% of the actual size of the needle area on the LCD screen. Gone are the days of stressed seamstress with strained eye sights.

Nowadays, about everyone can be a expert at sewing or embroidery, if equipped with the right machine.

While sitting through the presentations by the various representatives from Brother, I was conjuring various businesses possibilities in my mind for the PR-1000 – customised corporate gifts; jeans with intricate custom embroidery; among others.

If you are interested to find out more about the Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000, more information is available on the official Brother Singapore website. The machine is available at a recommended retail price of S$19,888 (inclusive of GST). It can be purchased through Brother International Singapore’s authorised resellers and are supported by Brother Customer Service Centre, located at the ground level of Gateway East at Beach Road.

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