CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

CapitaLand’s Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via

Remember Nomadx?

Touted by retail giant, CapitaLand, as Singapore’s first “phygital” multi-label concept store, Nomadx was launched last year in November at Plaza Singapura, featuring physical stores of e-commerce sites such as Taobao, Style Theory and Digital Fashion Week.

It was closed briefly for a renovation and it’s now back again – 24/7 via  Shopping at NomadX is now 24/7, with more than 3,000 items from over 30 local and international brands, in-store and online

CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

Discover thematic retail showroom spaces in the NomadX store at Plaza Singapura where you can see, touch and try out exclusives and various online offerings in-store before making a purchase by scanning the product QR code.

There are also selected fashion-wear which you can scan to see how you look in the Smart Mirrors that are located within Nomadx.

CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

For millennials, retail is not just about comparing prices and getting best deals – the shopping experience plays an important role as well for the best user experience and this is what Nomadx seeks to achieve.

What’s New at Nomadx

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The Lucky Shop (by Zha Huo Dian), inspired by a local provision shop, carries a range of streetwear merchandise from Chinatown Market, the Lucky Hand and Raw Emotions to fun and quirky toys from #FR2. Singapore apparel label.  

CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

Evenodd has expanded its store on Level 3 to make room for their new collection, the Take-out bags.

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Rock the hypebeast look with fashionable picks from streetwear brand DistriSneaks for the most coveted limited-edition sneaker releases.

CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

Get first dibs as Modparade launches its latest retro-inspired women’s collection exclusively at NomadX. Millennial parents can also style your children in matching printwear outfits made with eco-friendly fabrics at Roses & Rhinos.

The fashion retail mix on the first low features an eclectic mix of home-grown and cult brands, with a snazzy retail experience, bolstered with live silk-screening printing stations and even an ice cream truck.

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Browse the suitcase showcases in-store and pick up statement pieces from online local fashion and accessories labels such as QLOTHÈ, The Sophia Label, Ans.ein and Studio Emoi. Add some fun to your home with award-winning home décor brands from mrphy.

Freshen up your skincare routines with leading French ecological beauty brand, Melvita, which is making its debut in Singapore exclusively at NomadX. If you’re into the k-beauty craze, add some highly-raved Korean beauty brands such as Cosrx and Bbia from My Beauty Moments into your check-out basket.

CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

Try out all these new brands in the NomadX store and if something catches your eye, scan the QR code, add them to your digital cart and complete all your purchases via your mobile phone.

Still thinking about that pair of sneakers you saw earlier at NomadX? You can complete your purchase anytime round the clock via For added convenience, you can enjoy hands-free shopping and have your purchases delivered to your doorstep.

Collection point
Collection point

For a seamless NomadX experience and earn STAR$ for your purchases online and in-store, sign up as a CapitaStar member and be rewarded at the onboarding game stations located at the entrances of NomadX on Level 1 and 3.

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The Nomadx Play Experience

CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

Complementing the launch of, step into NomadX with its larger than life store graphics. ‘THE M*ART’ is a whimsical retail supermarket, where you can scan and shop the coolest fashion and accessory picks right out of neon pink repurposed refrigerators.

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Explore more offerings at ‘The Arcade’, fashioned after an 80s arcade for a little nostalgia. You might even stumble upon the ‘Secret Level’ and discover more interesting finds.

Be pleasantly surprised by the selection of products and brands, refreshed every two weeks, featured in one of four ‘Suitcase Showcases’ located in various parts of the two levels. You can also indulge your inner scientist at ‘The Wonder Laboratory’ to concoct your own aromatic scents with Oo La Lab.

CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

Wondering where to start? Tap for recommendations of products that suit your profile at the smart directories within NomadX.

CapitaLand's Nomadx is back and its now open 24/7 via - Alvinology

Beyond shopping, shoppers can look forward to an exciting lineup of programmes at NomadX’s event space, NomadXConnect. From 24 July to 2 August, Oo La Lab will be celebrating the launch of the new space with exclusive discounts of up to $32 off their customised scent making workshop, “Chemistry of Oo”, for groups of two, four and six people.

Launch Specials

As part of the opening month special, redeem S$20 off a minimum spend of $50 when you shop on Watch out for the exclusive reward code that will be dropped on 2 August via and on Instagram @NomadXsg.

Full List of Retail Brands in Nomadx



Ans.ein is a fashion brand offering products based on art. It was founded in Singapore in early February 2017 by two mumpreneurs, Anseina (Ans) and Erlyn (Ein), who have different backgrounds that complement each other: Ans is an architect and wedding dress designer, while Ein has been in retail business and was in both the events and media industries. Both of them love art and have a desire to appreciate art in its many forms, from which formed the inspiration to establish Ans.ein: a wearable art.

All Ans.ein patterns come from the inspirational brushes of their passionate artists. They encompass the strong, confident strokes by adults, and the cute playful sweeps by kids. Not only beautiful patterns, they also design models that suit many people of any body shape that can be worn in multiple ways.

August Society (coming soon)

August Society is a Singapore-based sustainable swimwear brand for strong, active, globetrotting women. Ethically produced in Bali from top-quality recycled fabrics and XtraLife Lycra®, their swimsuits feature timeless styles, mix and match, reversible and multi-wear flexibility, and are built to last so that you can pack less and experience more. It was founded in 2015 by Toni Chan, a Hong Kong-born Canadian who is travel


A home-grown loungewear label founded in 2014, BELLS & BIRDS began making lace robes for brides to wear when they are getting ready on their wedding day.

Over the years, they have expanded their product offerings to intimates and everyday silk loungewear such as pajamas, and are seeing a growing demand from maternity clients, as well as travelers who seek unique gifts made in Singapore.

Customisable in any size, their signature lace and silk pieces are designed and handsewn in limited quantities. Often associated with luxury and romance, their designs are worn by influencers and celebrities around the world.


DistriSneaks started with a passion for sneakers amidst the growing Sneakers Culture in 2015. They have connected sneakers fanatics around the world, helping to deliver sneakers which are unavailable here in Singapore and South East Asia.

Since then, they have extended their product range to include the most coveted and limited releases, along with general releases which are cheaper than retail prices with their wholesale network. Walk in style at DistriSneaks!


Evenodd is a local clothing label, founded by Samuel Wong and established in 2011. Drawing inspiration from the prim and proper and reinterpreting ideas with a contemporary twist, the brand aims to design classics for every modern wardrobe.

Over the years, Evenodd has evolved into a lifestyle brand with the launch of their first bag line, TAKE-OUT bags. Since its 2018 opening in NomadX, Evenodd has expanded its store to feature more designs and exclusive collections. The brand takes pride in every detail and finishing of the garment to produce high-quality clothes for both men and women, creating simple yet contemporary silhouettes in each collection.


Modparade is a Singapore-based women’s wear brand for the Modern Woman of Now. Their goal is to make effortless and inspiring clothes accessible and affordable without compromising on quality.

Born in 2007, Modparade started off as a small online retailer with a unique point of view; using design as a base to connect with their customers and build a community out of it.

Throughout the years, the brand has grown tremendously and now ships their fashionable pieces worldwide.

Get first dibs as they launch their latest retro-inspired women’s collection exclusively at NomadX.

Pleatation (coming soon)

Pleatation is a pleat-focused brand specialising in pleated products in Fashion, Stationery, Home and Lifestyle. With a vision in creating all things pleated, creative director of Pleatation, Chiang Xiaojun – creates a wide range of products from essentials to apparels. Each product features vibrant and bold colour combinations with the use of different textured pleats.


QLOTHÈ (pronounced klo-they) makes beautifully designed clothes that don’t kill the environment. Their design mission is to create silhouettes that make remarkable looking effortless, and that tell a story for the people who make them and the people who wear them. They do that by crafting each collection using the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics and by ensuring the welfare of the people who they work with to bring these designs to life.

Roses & Rhinos

Roses & Rhinos is a contemporary, print-led kidswear brand from Singapore. With bold prints designed by an international team, their modern silhouettes are easy and comfortable to wear, and this empowers kids to do what they want, when they want.

As children become more environmentally aware, they want to make sure that their clothes follow as well. Roses & Rhinos uses lightweight organic cotton and other eco-friendly fabrics to make sure that they are a sustainable brand.

To fit the core ethos of their kidswear, they also showcase a limited edition of womenswear that is all about being comfortable and casual. With cotton jersey jumpsuits, dresses and kaftans in neutral tie dye from India, the collection is perfect for everyday casualwear.

Studio Emoi

Studio Emoi began with an obsession and the desire to express feelings through unique message jewellery. Their collections are powerful, inspirational and full of words. Golden letters are hand shaped into bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces to tell your story. Their collections aim at inspiring individuals to express their personal poetry, whether in the form of the name of a loved one, a memory, a belief or a word.

The Lucky Shop (by Zha Huo Dian)

If street is your style and originality is your vibe, The Lucky Shop (by Zha Huo Dian) will be right up your alley. This boutique fashion house is home to an eclectic selection of old-schoolesque men’s and women’s accessories, trinkets and clothing that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

The brainchild of a local entrepreneur, The Lucky Shop (by Zha Huo Dian) prides itself in constantly evolving in their provision of stocks that hit the spot for the hipster in you. If you’re looking to don the dopest streetwear, get up to trend here!

The Sophia Label

The Sophia Label is an established Singapore brand founded by Sophia in 2015.
Sophia found her first passion in designing handbags. Every design is carefully thought through from material and colour, to finer details such as pockets and buttons. Sophia’s designs are minimalistic yet practical, suitable for all occasions.

In 2018, The Sophia Label collaborated with Sanrio and launched a limited edition which included its bestselling bucket bag in 3 different character designs among many others.

Sophia’s vision is to create a bold yet affordable fashion line that would suit any woman and style. Woman can own their favourite designs and carry them as a fashion statement of their personality and individuality.

Yishion (coming soon)

YISHION is a leading fast fashion brand, providing consumers with trendy fashion apparel for ladies, men and children. The Group’s attention to quality throughout the entire value chain, from design, sourcing, manufacturing to sales, has been the main driving force for the brand’s expansion to over 6,000 stores worldwide today. YISHION has more than 1 million international fans in its VIP Club and is recognised as one of “Asia’s most influential brands”.



alche{me} offers personalised and conscious formulations, made with natural active ingredients and vitamins.

Based on each person’s skin diagnosis, lifestyle and priorities, alche{me} skincare experts prepare a custom-made formulation designed to address each customer’s unique skin concerns. Their products are also vegan, nasties-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Basic Theory

Basic Theory was established in May 2015 by a pair of soul-sisters. Believing in fine qualities and designs, they launched this brand to idealise their concept of slow-living. It was the complexity of today’s modern lifestyles that prompted them into realising that the basic and simple pleasures in life are constantly being forgotten.

The brand and its collections are curations of their inspirations, ideas and concepts that are meticulously thought out and designed in-house (most of the time) by the both of them. At Basic Theory, it is all about inspiring and connecting people with the brand & their products.

It is important to slow down a little and take a look at everything around us – that’s their mantra. Their brand and products enhance the essence of a slow life and they believe that is what every single living-being deserves.

By Peapods

1. Spatula Works: Spatula Works is a natural Korean skincare brand, offering products infused with healthy ingredients without the use of alcohol, synthetic perfumes and synthetic preservatives. Shipping directly from South Korea, it is highly encouraged to pre-order their products so that they can deliver it fresh to your doorstep.

2. Easy Self DIY Plate Therapy: The ceramic DIY massage tools come in three forms – for the body, face and scalp. It is a traditional Korean massage to encourage blood circulation, slimming, and to reduce cellulite for the maintenance of youthful-looking and healthy skin.

3. Vita Spa Show Filter: Available in 7 aromas, the Vita Spa Shower Filter contains natural vitamin gel and milk components to help moisturise, whiten, and prevent aging skin. It promotes healthy skin by filtering residual chlorine and rust from tap water through a built-in filter. Its unique aroma and scent allows you to enjoy a fragrant and relaxing shower.

4. Medi Heally Warm Herbal Patch: Medi Heally’s Herb Warm Packs are the best at soothing cramps to provide the comfort and warmth you deserve. Pamper yourself with an expert blend of essential oils and 7 different medicinal herbs in a self-heating pack – warm wood, chamomile, lavender, rose, ylang ylang, clary sage, fennel, and geranium. Medi Heally’s Herb Warm Packs gently warm and calm your pain points into a nice, cozy sensation.

5. Celluna Sun Fighter: A low irritant SPF 50+ / PA+++ sunscreen that protects sensitive skin from strong UV rays. It contains natural botanical and herbal extracts to nourish the skin and give a light, natural glow. Use it anytime and anywhere.

6. CF Magic mask: The CF Magic mask is an LED (near Infrared ray) mask and the world’s first product designed to effectively and simultaneously tackle the problems for the hair and face. By using this mask for 15 minutes daily, it raises the skin’s temperature to encourage blood circulation and regenerate skin cells. In the long haul, this product helps to strengthen the immunity of the skin to relieve pain, inflammation and muscle fatigue.

Bud Cosmetics

Since 2007, Bud Cosmetics has been at the forefront of the move towards organic and natural skincare. Specialising in emerging niche natural skincare brands, Bud Cosmetics has taken special care to handpick and offer some of the purest and safest brands from global organic specialists.

From cutting edge science to luxurious natural indulgence, they have selected the best products and treatments for the healing and improvement
of your well-being.

They work hard to specially curate a selection of the most advanced, cult natural beauty brands from around the world. Brand selection involves meeting their strict criteria which ensures undesirable or toxic synthetic chemicals are edited, whilst focusing on results-driven, high-end beauty brands.

They guarantee:

Only pure and natural botanical ingredients safe for you and your family.

Only natural aromas from essential oils, NO phthalates and unknown chemical compounds.

Only natural colours and pigments from minerals, fruits and plants, suitable even for the most sensitive skins.

NO known cancer-causing ingredients, based on latest research.

NO Parabens, just safe natural alternatives.

NO Animal testing, only on humans!


The Alès group launches the first brand of phytoactive care products, the result of Franco-Korean research.

Its innovation? Restoring skin balance against daily aggressions to find its natural harmony.


Melvita, the leading organic beauty brand born in Ardèche, France, is one of the latest additions to NomadX and would be launching in Singapore on for the first time. Since 1983, the established brand has been constantly innovating to create high-performance clean beauty formulas guaranteed to beautify the skin while protecting the environment. Be sure to look out for the brand’s extensive clean beauty range with beauty oils, floral waters, skin, hair, and body care products to be stocked at NomadX.

My Beauty Moments

My Beauty Moments aims to provide customers with quality and effective cosmetic products. They are the local authorized partner of the brands
that they carry, most of which come from South Korea.

1. BBIA: BBIA is a cosmetic brand that has been established for more than 10 years in Korea, with the vision to manufacture quality cosmetic products that are trendy, of excellent quality, and affordable. One of the very first online cosmetic brands to be launched in Korea, BBIA currently holds a high reputation in the country for its quality products, competitive prices and efficient customer service.

2. Eglips creates fun and trendy-coloured based makeup that gives you a range of exciting colours to choose from; whether you are going for a casual party look or a stylish urban chic look that you can bring to work. As the popular makeup brand of choice for the young to the mature women, Eglips provides you with all that you need to create a brilliant beautiful look!

3. Klairs: Simple but enough. A high-quality skincare brand that provides gentle, simple products for those with sensitive skin, its brand philosophy revolves around no harsh ingredients, no animal testing and high quality, reasonable prices. They are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

4. By Wishtrend: You asked, they answered. They are uniquely developed to listen to your skin concerns. As a skincare brand that was uniquely developed to listen to their customers’ skin concerns, By Wishtrend is a go-to destination for finding the best skincare solution without harmful ingredients. They seek to redefine skincare and beauty by using a simplified range of active ingredients that have been optimised to visibly improve the skin, giving the customers the results they want to see. They strive to take an innovative approach to find the next powerful and effective formula to develop the perfect solution for your skincare concerns and needs.

5. COSRX: COSRX is a minimalistic and functional cosmetic by imperatively necessary ingredients, built from more than a decade of experience in Korea cosmetic industry and product development. Through understanding and collecting what customers need and want regarding their skin types and concerns, and after careful collation and analysis of this data, COSRX culminates the information into an “ingredient-oriented cosmetic brand” after numerous simulations. They are committed to making high-performance products with safe and natural ingredients, minimising the possibility of any side effects for all skin types.

6. I’m From:The three promises of I’m From include ingredient transparency, honest materials and no harmful additives. These promises are upheld for each and every product they deliver to you.

Nail Deck

Nail Deck is a boutique nail polish brand that is made in Singapore. They aim to create a world where anyone and everyone can celebrate their individual uniqueness through colour. This can be done through their Nail Deck mobile app, nail colour customisation service (Lacquer Bar), and also through their Lacquer Kit products. They are also committed to being environmentally sustainable with Mission One Billion; and they are a leader in non-toxic formulations being 9-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.


A fully vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, oasis:skin offers a range of simple and honest skincare products using consciously sourced ingredients. They handcraft all their skincare with plant actives and aromatic organic essential oils to provide a multitude of skin benefits and an ultimate therapeutic experience.

Oo La Lab

Oo La Lab is a craft fragrance lab where perfume ingredients are stored in small batches and hand-poured to order. Use the Oo Fragrance Table to select ingredients and build up your own fragrance formula, or work with an Oo La Mixologist to design one. 1000’s of unique olfactory combinations can be crafted. Oo La Lab hosts sensorial workshop sessions under the title ‘Chemistry of Oo’.

Oo La Lab also offers a quality selection of products such as crafted fragrances, reed and electronic diffusers, candles, room sprays and mists suitable for pillows, blankets and bedsheets – ideal for personal and corporate gifts.

#OoLaLab #ChemistryofOo

PERA Skin Care

PERA is the world’s FIRST skin care brand inspired by Peranakan and The Straits’ beauty traditions. It is culturally created in Singapore, the heart of the Malacca Straits. Inspired by strong Peranakan beliefs of embracing diversity and a natural way of living, PERA marries Eastern and Western natural skin care treatments with the purest natural ingredients carefully curated from around the world.

Sigi Skin

A good skincare regimen is crucial to achieving the coveted Korean ‘Glass Skin’, but instead of confusing consumers and their skin with multiple, unnecessary skincare steps, Sigi Skin believes that a pared-down and fuss-free regimen works best if you use the right skincare products.

In their pursuit of the ultimate anti-pollution and minimalist skincare regimen, they developed a skincare range of three essential products that speak to urbanites everywhere. Their aim is to simplify existing skincare routines, by focusing on products that are effective and necessary. The multi-beneficial skincare range features a sunscreen, an eye serum and facial cleanser made with superfood formulas and lightweight textures,
using cutting-edge Korean skincare technology.

Singapore Memories

Proudly designed and made in Singapore, Singapore Memories focuses on iconic scents revived or inspired by local heritage. These scents are developed into perfumes pour homme and pour femme, as well as scent serums (aroma oil concentrates) for indoor spaces.

Perfumes come in 18 ml or 100 ml bottles, and signature scents include One Degree North and Vanda 1981. Scent serums are in 50ml concentrates. Room sprays come in 100ml made with therapeutic orchids notes, with Atas and Glamor of ION as their best-sellers.

All packaged nicely in boxes, these make great gifts and mementoes for yourself, your family, friends and business partners.

Home & Lifestyle


area65 is a marketplace for both local and global gifts, curated to offer you a wide selection of unique and fun novelty products. Founded in Singapore, area65 started with in-house brands: Meykrs and Red Republic, well known for its Kueh Cushion and Merlion Chouchou Plush. It has grown to encompass officially licensed merchandise items such as Miffy, Mr Men, Little Miss, Harry Potter and selected products from multiple souvenir and
design labels.

LOVE SG, Design Driven Goods (coming soon)

LOVE SG: Featuring Singapore souvenirs with a heavy dose of local identity, LOVE SG draws inspiration from all the things in our backyard and interprets them into quirky products ranging from ice cube trays to night lights. In short, they have created a line of souvenirs which break with tradition and appeal to both locals who want to celebrate the Singapore identity, and tourists who want a keepsake from their trip here.

Design Driven Goods: Cool neon lights that won’t break the bank, that’s what. Design Driven Goods eliminates the high costs of customisation with a collection of ready-made neon lights designed in-house that will make ideal centrepieces for homes.

Mint Home

At Mint Home, they believe that filling your home with everything you love is important. With their curated and custom products, comfort with a hint of personalisation to your home is easily attainable. The quality and affordability of their products serve to inspire you to express your personal style and individuality freely.


mrphy discovers remarkable design products for living spaces. Curating award-winning brands from around the world, mrphy retails functional, yet aesthetic home accessories, kitchenware, bean bags and stationery. With the ability to sort by design style, it is the one store you need to check out when decorating your home or getting a housewarming gift.

Twig & Co

Twig & Co is an artisan line of small-batch handcrafted organic beauty products and home basics. Their candles are lovingly hand poured in their studio with 100% soy wax derived from American-grown soybeans and lead-free cotton wicks for an eco-friendly clean burn. Their scents are inspired by travel and nature’s bounty. They use a blend of essential oils and fine fragrance oils sourced from around the world. No dye, preservatives,phthalate or petroleum are used at all.

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