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Paying my dues to SAF

Singapore-born males most hated organisation

It’s Labour Day and I will be stuck in camp doing duty, thanks to the wonderful organisation above.

This entry was written a few days prior.

I am currently attending a 3 weeks ICT (in-camp-training) from 21 April to 7 May, while doing a 8 sessions (4 hours each session) in 5 weeks IPT (IPPT Preparatory Training) at the same time.

I am able to attend to both at the same time as my ICT practises a duty-dismount system where we work a full 24 hours shift and rest the next day.  I am attending my IPT on my rest day whereby I should be getting my 24 hours rest/sleeping time. These two are regular features that I am called up for every year and I still have another 7 years to go before I complete my full reservist cycle.

This time round, I chose to do both together as I am getting married in June. I want to devote time to my wedding proper and not have my IPPT or ICT obligations get in the way; not to mention the need to juggle my career and social life at the same time.

Stacking the two together make me realise how much time I waste each year on my National Service obligations. Nearly a month worth’s of my time that could have been better spent adding productivity to the workforce or making babies to improve our country’s birthrate is wasted annually.

It’s times like this that I wish I am a foreign talent invited to study and work in this country by our Singapore government, rather than a born here Singaporean male. I feel discriminated.

Pardon my whining. I will feel happier again once all this is over in a few weeks time.

At least till my next call-up which is…. end of this year in November for another 3 weeks ICT!


And the Singapore government wonders why so many Singaporeans are disgruntled and opted to pack their bags and leave the country.

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