Dawn Yang and her copyrights - Alvinology

Dawn Yang and her copyrights

Dawn Yang and her copyrights - Alvinology

This is my third entry on Dawn Yang and her plagarised entries already. For those who do not know what this is all about, you can read my two previous entries, HERE and HERE.

The image above is a screengrab of the left-hand-side-bar on Dawn Yang’s xanga blog. I find it ironic that even before all the accusations of plagarism, Dawn actually have the cheek to claim copyrights and propriety rights over “all text and image files, and other content” found on her blog, knowing jolly well she was doing some heavy “cut and paste” jobs.

This coming from someone who claimed she didn’t know it was necessary to attribute sources in a radio interview.


Btw, here is an interesting article about the pending lawsuit between Dawn Yang and Xiaxue, written by the dean of my alma matar, Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI), Professor Ang Peng Hwa. Quite an insightful read as it postulate the wider implications of the lawsuit and it’s influence on the law and future blogging landscape in Singapore.

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  1. Your Dean is right. But unlike the Americans, this case is Singaporean. And Singaporeans generally ain’t that of the quality to know to contain spillovers and such. In the most basic, the base that this case itself stands is not even valid.

    Feel obliged to cover your Dean’s thot in my own blog later.

    Which have been why I support neither Nair nor Xiaxue (vs XLX) nor Dawn. They probably only care from their own perspectives and think not of the broader sense. What makes things worse is that the local lawyers generally can’t adequately deal with rights and can’t be expected to cover beyond their textbooks towards international layers of consideration where in this case, this is an international event.


  2. Not a problem. Your links showed up at my stats, I just visited one of them. Your blog is interesting.
    You are welcomed to my blog as well.
    But I am no Xiaxue nor Dawn, so please don’t get me tomorrow-ed. Thanks.
    If you have anyone interested in helping out Project S (A private filming unit), I’d appreciate it.
    Anyway, the new posting is still under construction, check it out days later. 🙂


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