More on Dawn Yang and plagarism - Alvinology

More on Dawn Yang and plagarism

More on Dawn Yang and plagarism - Alvinology

This is a follow-up entry from my previous post about Dawn Yang and the topic of plagarism.

There’s an online petition circulating on the Internet asking for STOMP to fire their star blogger, Dawn Yang. The last I check, there were already close to 500 signatures.

Visit HERE to compared some of Dawn Yang’s blog entries against the original entries. Interestingly, it has been revealed she even copied content from our very own Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong’s rally speech! *gasp*

Oh, and btw, it was also revealed she is very sensitive to the innocent word “plastic” and will edit it out from plagarised content. Funny right? This one really got me laughing till I almost fall off my chair.

After reading all these mudslinging, it shocked me that there are so many people who seem to have personal vendettas against Dawn Yang… and the thing is they probably don’t even know her in real life! Scary lei… even if she did have plastic surgery, did sleep with rich old man, did plagarise her blog entries… does this warrant the witch hunt that is going on now?

The Internet age scares me sometime.

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  1. Its like the Edison Chen incident. The unearthed dirty secrets are getting less shocking and more repetitive. I guess people are starting to move on…good for her too.

  2. Yes this new internet age is scary indeed. The things people can search and find. I am speechless.
    At the way the netizens hurling all these on her, I kind of pity her. But I also feel she reaps what she sows. To me all those plastic surgery, rich boyfriend are no big deal. To each it’s own. Her biggest mistake in this saga for plagiarism. That’s a NO-NO.

    The funny thing about this saga is it make me take a closer look at XX and my opinion of her has changed. XX may be crude at time but after seeing all those video she had done last night for the first time, I find her hilarious. She actually make me laugh at all the small talk she made.

    At the end of the day, this is just entertainment for me and I still support neither. 😀

  3. IMHO
    If she’s guilty of plagiarism, hypocrisy, and covert self-praise etc, then the witchhunt is warranted because being a public figure is her day job.

  4. This is actually all XiaXue’s fault, if you think about it….

    It was said in this blog b4 that teh morale of the Dawn vs. XX story is to NOT MESS WITH XX AND HER GAZILLION FANS….

    well…that’s basically what’s happening, itsn’t it?

    If DY does take XX to court, this is all prepping up to show that she is, in fact a liar, etc……and to discredit anything that comes out of her mouth….

    Now, don’t get me wrong…i’m a hardcore XX fan……and i also occasionally enjoy DY’s blog (in regards to content, it really is NO CONTEST…XX’s is much more entertaining)…but i wouldn’t be one bit suprised it XX is behind all this……

    maybe not behind everything, but def behind sum of teh dirt digged up. Atnd it simply had a snowball effect…now DY is gunna suffer the consequences of messing with power..

    if XX is really behind that…then it really shows alot about XX’s character, doesn’t it? How far she abuses her power…….

    ANd if it turns out that XX really isn’t behind this, then dawn was right about one thing: XX”s fans really are rabid

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