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Steven Lim is not a loser okay!

Rich playboy, Steven Lim
Rich playboy, Steven Lim


I know a lot of people snigger at Steven Dragon Lim behind his back for his weird antics – nonsensical cam-whoring web videos, the eyebrow plucking, yellow undies, funny models web listing, etc

But hor… mai xiao xiao.

Xiaxue is not the only web personnel who can boast a S$10k pay cheque. Our good friend Steven Lim just uploaded his income tax statement for 2009 onto his website. A whooping S$95,677!

To top it up, he also uploaded an audio recording of his phone conversation with a 20-year-old girl who allegedly tried to wooed him “fiercely”.

I just have this to say – Steven Lim, you really very steady bombibi. 🙂

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  1. That’s the big problem. You call this not a loser because he got an inland revenue of this amount.

    Feel sad for Singaporeans. LOL~

    TT Durai made more than he… He’s always a big fucker loser to me. Singapore is so weird… No wonder so much craps.

  2. Alvin I have seen Steven Lim askin people to join his agency at city hall, bishan and they need to pay him a fee to join his agency. And he will proceed to take their photo to be posted on his website.

    I do not know how he command such a pay check?

    How he managed to get such income. I do have doubts. Does he really supply his talents for any commerical shoots? Maybe there are but I guess less than a handful.

  3. Wales,

    The hourly wage for calefare is actually pretty high, but agencies will grab a huge potion. Imagine this Steven take those vain average women’s money by the hundreds each, let them attend parties and some events as well… It is possible. In fact, with his connection via relatives in the media. Possible.

    Do you know how huge the money is if he operates in China… It’s millions! And not this tiny amount…

    But of course, if there ain’t so many silly women after their silly and unrealistic dreams to be stars or to be famous… he’d have less income. But supplying calefare itself would be enough income already.

    So Wales, if you understand this industry, it is big money. A simple actress doing a 30 episodes drama in China can get about $1,000 per episode. If an agency cuts a 15% from an average of 7~10 dramas per actress… Know how lucrative?

    When such rich tai tais approached middlemen to approach Scope, it was like hundreds of thousand per month. If the deal went through, a simple cut per tai tai for one person will be very lucrative for the middlemen. See?

    Even for small actresses, having sex with businessmen or even if you attend some talk shows… One attendence for a not so famous in China is about S$600. Imagine you have 10 people attending 20 shows per year all over China… It’d be like 120000x 15%… Some cuts are even higher.

    Do the math and see why I want people to join my own Project S. Huge money possible even for volunteers.

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