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Fake lawyer offered pro bono defence services to Natalie Siow Yu Zhen on Singaporean forum

While Singaporean netizens hold their breath in anticipation over the trials that are to happen on July 11 regarding the ORchard Towers violent murder case, the internet is rife with speculation and comments on the as-of-yet unconfirmed Natalie Siow Yu Zhen.

Who is Natalie Siow Yu Zhen?

In a previous report, we mentioned that Natalie Siow Yu Zhen is a 22-year-old woman named as one of the people accused in the death of Satheesh Noel Gobidass. The man, along with Natalie and her cohorts, had been charged in connection with the death of Gobidass after investigation produced witnesses and video evidence of them ganging up on the victim.

In the viral videos shared online, Gobidass had approached the group of people in Orchard Towers a little after 6:00 in the morning on July 2. The video shows that the victim spoke with one of the persons in the group, and after that the encounter had escalated into violence. One female could be clearly seen in the video joining in the scuffle, kicking the victim while the others ganged up on him as well.

While the woman in the case has never been photographed, people online are assuming that a woman who looks like the one who sent the swift kicks to the victim could be one and the same as the girl whose photos are circulating online.

The woman in the video is wearing a grey top, denim shorts, black slippers and has long, colored hair with a small black sling bag.

According to a previous report, only one of the seven people accused had a lawyer when their trial date was set for July 11. Tan Sen Yang, 27; Loo Boon Chong, 25; and Tan Hong Sheng, 22; Joel Tan Yun Sheng, 26; Chan Jia Xing, 26; and Ang Da Yuan, 26, were charged with one count each of murder with common intent. Only Chan had a lawyer represent him so far.

Here is the post from a user named “Danny Chua Kalco”, who offered to defend her for no fees at all, declaring such on a Singaporean forum where Natalie could not have read his declaration as she is in jail.

Fake lawyer offered pro bono defence services to Natalie Siow Yu Zhen on Singaporean forum - Alvinology

The law firm of Kalco Law, LLC, however, shows that no one on their team bears that name. There is no way to confirm that the man who posted the offer above is even an actual lawyer. Even if he used an email with Kalco law included in the address, it could only be trolling or someone expressing admiration for an unconfirmed Natalie Siow Yu Zhen set of photos.

Read about the Natalie Siow Yu Zhen fan club and how gross the internet could be.

The problem with this, post, however, is that the person mentioned that he is connected to Kalco, which is a real law firm, and thus has a reputation to uphold. Soliciting online is hardly part of how they operate.

The thread and the post concerning the offer has been taken down as of publishing. If the law firm finds out that a person has been misrepresenting them to other people, then a case may be filed against that person.

Header image from Natalie Siow Facebook account.

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