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Plane Solemnisation!~

Leaving on a jet plane
Leaving on a jet plane

It’s official!

Some of our close friends and relatives would have known already – Rachel and I are going to have our  solemnisation done on board an airplane (this will be reflected in our marriage certificate)!

We finally managed to tie up all the odds and ends. I managed to defer my pesky 3-weeks reservist; both Rachel and I managed to convince our family to be part of this unconventional event; the gown and suit are ready; the ROM office are duly convinced that the marriage can be recognised by Singapore laws; everyone managed to get their leaves approved; etc, etc…

We went all out to make this happen because both of us love to travel and find it most fitting to wed on board an airplane. Moreover, we are very inspired by the old couple, Ellie and Carl, in the Pixar movie, UP and their “spirit of adventure”. To our best of knowledge, we should be the first couple in Singapore doing this.

The ceremony will be on board Jetstar‘s inaugural service direct from Singapore to Shantou (3K 823), which takes off on 2nd February 2010 (this Tues).

We will be flying there together with a few of our family members and a large contingent from Singapore’s Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan (新加坡潮州八邑会馆).

This explains why I have not up blogging much lately as I was busy preparing for this and a small engagement party (which itself was a little adventure if you read my blog post) at my place last Saturday evening for a few close friends and relatives.

I will update more in the next few days. Depending on how hectic the travel itinerary might be and also on the availability of Internet connection, I may also post updates either on my facebook, twitter or this blog when we are on the plane and after we reached Shantou. Stay tuned!

Rachel and I would like to sincerely thank the following for making this plane solemnisation possible:

Jetstar Asia

Plane Solemnisation!~ - Alvinology

Plane Solemnisation!~ - Alvinology Plane Solemnisation!~ - Alvinology

A side note – this blog has quietly crept past 2 million hits a few days ago. My mirror blog at has also crept past 1 million hits. Not too shabby given that I have cut down on the frequency of my updates lately. Thank you all you loyal readers out there – whether I know you personally or not. Alvinology appreciate your support. 🙂

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