After filing a complaint with Changi Airport through their official feedback channel on a rude Certis CISCO security staff, I got an official reply from them within a week. This is their reply in full, with the names edited to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned:

Dear Mr. Lim,

Thank you for taking the time to write in to Singapore Changi Airport.

We are sorry to learn about your unpleasant experience at one of our security touch points on 4th January 2017. We have since investigated the incident with the management of our security partner, Certis CISCO. Please allow us to share our findings.

We were able to ascertain through CCTV footage that you were ushered to the security screening point at Terminal 1 Departure West Concourse at 0522 hrs. The X-ray Operator involved, Officer R, had subsequently flagged out a round container in your bag. We noted that she had engaged you from a distance away and raised her voice in the process. We acknowledge that during her subsequent conversation with you, Officer R had also made unnecessary remarks when she had failed to identify the round container within your bag. Upon realising the mix up with the bags, we observed that Officer R had proceeded with her duties without engaging you further. In our interview with her, Officer R explained that she had been in a rush to screen the bags of subsequent passengers and thus had discontinued further conversation, despite your request for an apology.

Based on our investigations, we agree that Officer R had failed to match our expectations in her service delivery. She should not have raised her voice in her engagement with you. Her mistake could also have been avoided if she had moved closer to conduct a visual check in order to confirm that the bag she had initially identified was the correct one. In addition, she should not have resumed her duties without closing the matter with you, and should have instead been forthcoming with an apology upon realising her mistake.

At Changi Airport, we constantly reiterate to all staff and service partners, especially those who play the roles of front-line ambassadors the importance of being professional and courteous when executing their duties. As such, we do not condone any form of misconduct.

Following your feedback, you may wish to note that we have engaged the management of Certis CISCO to take the necessary disciplinary and corrective actions against the officer. In addition, Officer R will be put through a re-training course aimed at improving her service performance and professionalism. Lastly, she will be placed on a ‘watch list’ upon her return to duty, which necessitates closer monitoring of her performance by her supervisor.

Mr Lim, thank you once again for your valuable feedback. Please accept our apologies for the service shortcomings you experienced. We place emphasis on the standard of service here at Changi Airport, and assure you that we will continue to work with our service partners to enhance our passenger’s experience. We sincerely hope for an opportunity to better serve you the next time you travel through Changi Airport.

Yours sincerely,


Senior Associate, Airport Operations Management

Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd

The reply is very thorough. For fairness, a CCTV check was even done to ascertain that I did not malign the security staff involved. I am more than satisfied with the actions taken.

This is why Changi Airport remains competitive as one of the top airports in the world. They take feedbacks seriously.

I got an email acknowledgement within two hours from Changi Airport after submitting my feedback online and a reply on social media within a few hours after I posted an article:

Well done Changi Airport!