I am a sucker for word games.

I enjoy playing traditional board games like Scrabble and Boogle. While I resisted almost all game invites on Facebook (especially silly-sounding ones like Barn Buddies), I let Word Challenge slipped through as the game is word-related.

Thanks to Rachel, I found a new hobby to waste time by my macbook everynight before I sleep…

Time waster

Time waster

Word Challenge is a really simple game where you are to form words with more than three letters from a random line of six alphabets within a set timing.

I am stuck at at 20,000+ points mark. Totally aghast on how some of my Facebook friends can chalk up over  300,000 points – how is this humanly possible???

It is likely that those right at the top of the scoreboard had probably either used this Word Challenge Cheat or even more extreme – downloaded this Word Challenge Bot program:

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/v/sTHX2DdIH9I&hl=en&fs=1&”]

These cheats really kill the joy of the game. I am resisting the urge to utilise one of these cheats.

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