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Steven Lim’s video tribute to Michael Jackson

Not sure if MJ will enjoy this if hes still alive
Not sure if MJ will enjoy this if he’s still alive

Titled “Michael Jackson, Dun Die! Your Singapore No. 1 Fan, here, Steven Lim, loves you so much!!!!”, our favourite Singapore Internet superstar, Steven Dragon Lim can be seen crying, singing off-tuned and prancing around in his signature yellow undies in a supposedly moving tribute to the King of Pop.


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I think some of you would rather be dead rather than watch this video again. You really have to give it to this guy! He is in the running for the Best LOL Blog category in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards. Go vote for him if you like his irreverent humour.

Anyway, from the video, Steven Dragon Lim seems to have shrunk a size and his hair is thinning. Time for him to give up his title as “World’s Most Handsome Guy”? 🙂

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  1. I doubt I would want to have nightmares tonight. He seems like he’s the “no. 1 fan” of almost everywhere. More like he wants to ride on the fame.

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