Cyber perverts beware! This girl found the anonymous account harassing her online thanks to “white hacker” with a heart of gold

Singaporean girls have learned to always be vigilant on the train and while walking around the city. Ever since reports of upskirt videos and inappropriate touching had surfaced, commuting and essentially being a woman in Singapore could be scary.

If those dangers weren’t enough, social media has also become quite toxic to the point that bullyng girls into sending nude photos is now a thing.

In a recent Facebook post uploaded by user Azly J. Nor, he chronicled the way a woman reached out to him for help, as she had been subjected to blackmail by a dummy account.

In the series of photos below, you can see that a Facebook user tried to bully the girl into giving him nude photos of her or he would release a sex video of her with her ex.

Instead of caving and cowering, though, she sought help.

She contacted Azly and asked for his help because he was a “white hacker,” which basically means he’s a security expert who knows how to get around dummy accounts to find personal information.

Her dilemma was the most common dilemma of girls who’ve been harassed: How do I collect evidence about strangers when the act’s been done or if they’re anonymous?


She basically asked Azly to dox the person who harassed her. “Doxing” is the practice of hacking into a person’s account to reveal private information. This is technically bad form and may involve doing illegal things, but Azly said that he wanted to help, especially for a problem that seemed only he had the solution.

See what he was able to do below:

The girl was in a common bind–she filed a police report but there was only so much that could be done without evidence. She needed the IP address.

Azly asked some questions to help him eliminate her ex-boyfriends as the culprit.

The stalker apparently got access to her by adding her with a fake account in the name of her ex.

He helped her by explaining how these things usually work and what he could do.

Azly revealed that he did have the skills to find the person and gave her the guy’s IP address and account details. Just like in the movies!

This sends a clear message to perverts and harassers everywhere: Even with fake and dummy accounts–they can find you and they can tell the police all about you.

Liam Neeson winks and thumbs up

What do you think? Should every girl now have her own “tech guy” to help her out? These perverts are getting quite bold–going so far as to blackmail a girl!

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  1. YOUR GOOD DEEDS WILL BE BLESSED ! Hopefully any type of PERVERTS and HARASSERS in real life will also be punished for their evil intentions to harm any lady/woman.

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