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Singapore’s Edison Chen, Gary Ng now has a blog

Singapores Edison Chen, Gary Ng
Singapore's Edison Chen, Gary Ng

Actually, this sex hero been blogging for some time now. I just felt uncomfortable seeding his blog URL that’s all as it’s full of home-made pornographic videos.

This guy seems to been basking with pride from the media attention showered upon him. Each time there’s a news article about him, dear Gary will take a picture of the newspaper and flaunt it like a badge of honour on his blog.

Singapore Blog Awards 2009

Not only did he set up a blog, I was also very surprised the guy had the cheek to register himself under the “Best Individual Blog” category of the Singapore Blog Awards 2009! (either that or someone sabo-ed him by submitting his blog)

The hero is now in the process of setting up his own website and will not be blogging anymore though. Here’s what Gary wrote on his latest blog entry:

“Heys singapore, i’m back. After some thought, comments by many followers & garyng174 fans. I decided to return. I decided to keep this blog as also go ahead with my new garyng webbie..But this i won’t be updating much since many eyes are on this blog. My own webbie will be more safer as only my closer pals will be there & they be the first to view. This will be my secondary webbie. But still, stay around here because i’ll still update. Provided i’m in singapore if i’m not on assignment oversea. Thanks for all the encouragement from my follower & fans. I think i’m not wrong for helping Carl (as below post) or even helping Z to find her Jerry or even posting the Dr Love video to help others to have better sex life. with more positions. I’ll go ahead with more meaningful post & also interesting or fun.”

As cocky and as liberal as ever! You really have to hand it to this guy. 🙂

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