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Edison Chen (陈冠希) is coming to Singapore to endorse Carl’s Jr burgers

Its gonna get messy
It's gonna get messy

The king of online sex photos and videos scandal, Edison Chen (陈冠希) is coming to Singapore next Friday. You can read more about it on omy.

He will be attending a Carl’s Jr event next Friday (27 Feb) at 7.15pm. On top of that, Edison will also be attending another two separate events, organised by Adidas and Bang & Olufsen respectively.

Interestingly, I received an email tip-off from someone called CL who claimed he and his friends will be boycotting products from Carl’s Jr. This is to show their displeasure towards Edison Chen’s endorsement, given his tainted sex scandal public image. CL even went as far to disclose he had contacted Carl’s Jr’s PR Manager to voice his concerns, but to no avail.

I cannot verify the authenticity of  CL’s account, but I won’t be surprise if it’s true.

Singaporeans by and large are still a relatively conservative bunch, given the huge brouhaha over the recent naked couple incident at Holland Village. Getting someone with a sleazy reputation like Edison Chen to endorse products in Singapore is definitely a huge risk.

The PR offices of the involved brands probably weighed the public backlash against Edison’s star appeal and scored higher for the latter. Whether this assessment is accurate remains to be seen.

Edison’s arrival is still a week away. It will be interesting to monitor how Singaporeans will react – whether there will be more calls for boycotts or if Singaporeans have indeed, developed into a more liberal society and can accept a tainted sex scandal celebrity like Edison Chen.

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  1. Seriously dun feel that Singaporeans shd be too affected by who he’s having sex with when none of them is a Singaporean.

    Furthermore, unless the naive ones are expecting a monk or nun to endorse, any star above the age of 18 will most probably had at least one sexual experience.

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