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MRT and LRT now smoking haven for uncles

Are the local MRT and LRT trains becoming smoking havens?

Both videos were posted on youtube around 2 months ago. In the first video, an uncle who appears mabok lighted up and started smoking in a MRT cabin.

Mabok uncle
Mabok uncle

In the second video, the featured uncle was more pai kia – he was smoking a pipe in a LRT cabin and even challenged someone who tried to stop him to report him to the authorities.

Pai Kia uncle
Pai Kia uncle

Check out the videos below:

Mabok uncle:

[youtube url=”″]

Pai Kia uncle:

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Well done uncles. I wondered if the two of them knew each other and were perhaps, trying to challenge the authority in view of the series of recent ban on smoking in various public places. Maybe they will head to Hong Lim Park next. 🙂

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  1. of coz sad la. with these people around, want to wannabe oso cannt la. ahahaha. too bad lor. comprain somemore mayb can wannabe again.

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