Fancy great fried chicken at rock-bottom prices? Forget KFC, have you tried Dallas Chicken & Ribs? It’s a UK based halal fast food chain, but has only opened it’s first outlet here in Singapore.

Located at 12 Upper Cross Street (near Chinatown MRT station), the small, but cosy fast food restaurant used to offer all-you-can-eat buffet at just $8 per pax! They have recently revised their price to $10 per pax though, but it’s still a great bargain.

Even without the buffet, all the set meals cost under $5 with a generous serving of fries and a free choice of soft drink to go along. Very worth it. See the menu below:

Rachel and I went there a few weeks back to try it out. The young boss politely informed us they were out of onion rings before we ordered. (Apparently, a previous buffet crowd had swept his kitchen clean of onion rings.) I opted for a fillet burger meal while Rachel went for the two-piece chicken meal. Total cost was less than $10 and the portions were definitely bigger than KFC’s.

Check out the piping hot and tender chicken pieces. The only fried chicken fast food outlet comparable will be old-timer, Arnold’s, which also happens to be halal.

I like that they do not salt the fries when served. This way, you can determine how salty you want your fries with the salt sachets provided.

The fillet burger is like twice the size of the puny, ever-shrinking-in-size, KFC’s fillet burger.

For both items, the meat is juicy, flavourful and so yummy! It’s not even half as oily as KFC or may I say, Arnold’s. Go try it! 🙂

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