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JBJ is Back in Action!


82 -years-old J.B. Jeyaretnam filed an application this morning to register his new political party, The Reform Party. The old warhorse is back in action again!

Mr Jeyaretnam has been barred from contesting general elections here since 2001, when he was made a bankrupt for failing to pay damages from defamation suits.

He cleared up his debts on May 10, last year and was discharged as a bankrupt, thus freeing him to contest in the next polls due in 2011.

By then, he will be 85-years-old.

Old he may be, but his fighting spirit is still strong. I wish Mr Jeyaretnam all the best for his new party.

If you are interested to know more, a press conference will be held on Friday (tomorrow), 18 Apr 2008 at 2.00pm at the Quality Hotel, Balestier Road.

You can watch the vodcast report on omy:

惹耶勒南今提交政党申请表格 两个月后获申请结果 (Submission of registration on 17 Apr)

惹耶勒南正式宣布成立改革党 并表示要参加下届大选 (Press Conference on 18 Apr)

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