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Voice of MRT – Juanita Melson

Ever wonder whose voice it is, behind all our MRT announcements?

If you commute to work via MRT, you will hear her almost everyday. “Please keep clear of the train door”, “Thank you for riding with SMRT”, etc.

Well, here she is:

The footage is a deleted scene from a local documentary, Singapore GaGa, directed by Tan Pin Pin.

Update: Apparently, the voice has already been changed. We cannot hear dear Ms Juanita Melson anymore. 🙂 Nonetheless, she was still the FIRST voice for our MRT announcements and an unsung heroine of sort.

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  1. That new voice is so damn irritating!!!! Does she really need to enunciate all the consonants??? “Please mindT the plaTform gap.”

    And I can’t stand the coquettish tone. “If you see any suspicious looking person or article, please inform AR staff.”

    ARRRGH so irritating!!!!

  2. Yes, I miss her voice! It is more soothing compared to the new voice. Sometimes I feel as if the new voice is trying too hard to be Singaporean-sounding.

  3. i am actually quite offended by her ‘i do not condone the use of singlish’.

    as a linguistics student, singlish is a perfectly valid variety of english, yes, with its own grammar. it is a creole. at the moment it is sorta in flux, but give it a few more decades and its rule will stabilize. and nobody will deny that singlish has its uses – especially in informal contexts.

  4. i like her sound!! she is the perfect sound for the mrt, a very natural voice!! where can i hear the new voice of the mrt? i don’t live in singapore

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