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The Rachel Sandwich

The Rachel Sandwich

I shall let Rachel blog today on her proud sandwich creation 🙂 :

We’d eaten a whole of lot of deep-fried junk food during our Taipei trip, and Alvin was absolutely dying to eat some homemade goodness. Nevertheless, I tend to spend a tad too much time and effort making a meal for two, so we decided that a sandwich was best.

The Rachel Sandwich
Total preparation time: 20 minutes

Of course, though we shopped for the groceries together, I was the one who made the sandwich, inspired by the efferverscent Jamie Oliver. Nice pictures, though, Alvin. 😉

non-stick frying pan
wooden spatula
an oven, heated to… 220 degrees Celcius


The filling:
4 slices of ham
handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced lengthwise
3 eggs
1 box of brown button mushrooms, halved (fresh ones, not the Narcissus canned ones)
fresh lettuce
olive oil
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Switch on your oven and start to pre-heat it.

Place the frying pan on a medium fire, heat a dash of olive oil until it barely starts to smoke. Toss in the mushrooms and sprinkle on some salt and ground pepper once they are nicely coated with the olive oil. Slide in the ham slice by slice, and make sure they lie flat underneath the mushrooms.

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I forgot what kinda ham we bought, but it doesn’t really matter as long as it can stand up to cooking. You can substitute the ham for bacon.

Once they begin to curl, flip them over. Throw in the tomatoes when you’re pretty sure the ham is ready. Roll the mushrooms and the tomatoes around in the pan.

Crack your eggs, careful not to break the yolk, and dribble them into the pan from the sides. Turn down the heat to low. Do not toss around the pan anymore. Let the pan remain on the stove until most of the egg whites are cooked. Transfer your pan to the oven and let the yolks cook until desired.

From the stove to the oven
The eggs are still runny – back to the oven it goes

The bread:
1 loaf Gardenia foccacia bread, halved lengthwise
2 slices of Gardenia white bread
2 slices of cheese, sliced diagonally
extra virgin olive oil

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At this point, start preparing the bread. When slicing it, be sure that the bottom layer is thicker than your crust, so that the sandwich won’t be easily soaked through by the filling.

Arrange the cheese the way you want it and pop these into the oven when the eggs in the pan are done. I didn’t time how long the bread was inside the oven, but the cheese has to melt and the bread should be just crisp on the outside and soft inside.

Almost done!
Unpretentiously messy

Then you arrange a few leaves of washed and dried lettuce on the bottom layer and dole on the stuff from the pan. Alvin’s sis didn’t want any cheese on her white bread, so note that two slices of cheese are just enough for two. One foccacia loaf serves two.

Sandwich for two

It’s good to have some extra bread handy so you can mop up any remaining gravy in the pan. It’s all nutritious and your pan will be easier to wash later.

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Rachel Chan

Rachel has nearly a decade of experience as a print journalist for my paper (English) and Straits Times Life! and has also worked as a news producer for Mediacorp Channel 8.


  1. melvin

    you guys are one of the sweetest couple i know. haha.

    and can open a shop to rival Subway already lah….

  2. alvinology

    Awww…. you do know how FIERCE Rachel can be sometime rite? :p

    Otherwise, ya, she’s the sweetest person on Earth.

  3. Rachel

    Aw you guys! *blush*

    Hey Melvin I’ve been totally missing you la. I even dreamt of you one night! When are you free, meet up for dinner leh! Got so much to catch up on. 🙂

  4. melvin

    yes please! haven’t seen both of you lovebirds for like, 5 million years or something.

    speaking of which, i have my 21st birthday party coming up soon. you 2 are both invited along with several people….

    and i know rachel you don’t celebrate birthdays, so no need to buy present also can… just come, eat and catch up! haha let you know the details soon k hahaha

  5. alvinology

    Wow… you are so old already ah? hahahaha

    Anyway, we sure will go one, I will drag Rachel. 🙂

  6. melvin

    if 21 is old hor, then you guys fossil is it? hahaha

  7. Rachel

    YAY! Present-buying!!! Gives me an excuse to SHOP. Whee!


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