A few months ago in January, I visited the Singapore Science Centre together with Rachel and her sister, Eunice. It was like down memory lane again, with childhood memories gushing back as I bump into some of the older exhibits which were there since I was a primary school kid.

We watched a film about Egyptian mummies at the Omni-Theatre too. It sucks and reminded me why the Omni-Theatre had never been one of my favourites. The tickets are over-priced and the films they show are usually quite hollow in content. However, the other exhibits and attractions at the Science Centre more than make up for it.

Here are some photos to share. 🙂

giant pendulum  balls
Giant pendulum balls

Mozzies’ larvaes on exhibit

Holographic image of President Nathan, which can move like those magic photos in Hogwart

An exhibit playing with mirror images

nice image
Nice image hor? Sadly, I don’t remember what this is

retro robot
Retro robot design

My favourite manga character, Astroboy!

white shark
Great white shark taxidermy

orang utan
Orang utan taxidermy (NO, it’s not Ah Meng)

electric eel
Electric eel yawning

chip and dale
Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers

dolly board game
Board game featuring Dolly the cloned sheep

Strange exhibit featuring mutant heroes and Star Wars characters

Holographic space image

Rachel and me
Rachel and me

optical illusion
Optical illusion: Can you spot the image of the women in between the pillars?

Something to make you dizzy

stone fish
The white thing with algae growing on it is actually a stone fish

stone fish again
Another stone fish – can you see it?

wooden mummy case
Wooden mummy casing

king tut?
King Tuk?

ingredients for making a mummy
Ingredients for making mummies

rachel with cat
Rachel with an Egyptian cat

roman war god
Description is cool right? The model is not – check out the image below

broom head
This “Roman War God” wears a helmet fashioned from a broom!

Finally, a trick tikam which conned us into buying some fugly stickers

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