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[Sponsored Video] Singapore Invites – Win a Trip to Singapore for Someone!


It’s all about the groove!

I am not a good dancer, but I enjoy watching dance performances and competitions. I find it interesting how the human body itself can become a work of art and inspiration to move others, by simply… moving to the music.

For Singaporean couple, Marcus and Rachel, it was the universal language of dance that bonded them with Big Mike and Kai Ti in New York. After meeting one another on YouTube, the Singaporean couple visited the latter in the Big Apple. After that, they couldn’t wait to invite their new American friends home.

Join them in their journey as the four of them experience the dance and street culture in Singapore. Discover the energy that keeps the Lion City going:


Other than the four dancers, there’s another two individuals who bonded over their love for films. Daphne and Sindri have hardly seen other since graduating from Prague Film School nine years ago so she took the opportunity to invite him to Singapore through Singapore Invites. Embark on the journey with them as Daphne shows Sindri the different sides of Singapore.

To view the second video, click the film icon beside the volume button in the embedded video player!

Good news!

Now is your chance to bring your family and friends to Singapore through SINGAPORE INVITES, a initiative by the Singapore Tourism Board!

To take part, go to yoursingapore.com/singaporeinvites to share who you’d like to invite, what surprising or unique experience you think your friends or family must try here and why, and the Singapore Tourism Board will fly them over here to make it happen – just like what they did for the six individuals!

Go on and and invite someone to Singapore now!

CONTEST DETAILS: Win a dream experience in Singapore with your overseas friends and family!

2. Upload a photo that depicts your dream experience in Singapore

3. Share who you wish to invite and why this dream experience is meaningful in reconnecting you and your overseas loved ones (please keep your story within 150 words)

Or, you can post your photo and story on your own Instagram account, with hashtags #SingaporeInvites and your country of residence. (eg. #SingaporeInvites #Singapore)

Closing date: 06 Dec 2015
There will be 25 winning entries worldwide for this contest. Winners and their invited guests will receive free airfare (if the winners are non­-Singapore residents), accommodation in Singapore and will have their ‘Dream Experience’ come true (as stated in their photo submission).
The winning parties’ experiences will also be filmed as a finale video montage to be released!
This post has been sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Terms and Conditions apply.

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