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No Flash vs No Photography

I visited the National Museum of Singapore a few days ago and was really surprised to see this new sign:

no flash

For readers who visit this humble blog on a regular basis, you will probably remember this entry I wrote in December last year, lamenting on not being able to take photos in the museum. Here’s the photo evidence:

no photography

I am not sure if my blog entry played a part in providing constructive feedback to the authorities at the museum (I would shamelessly like to think so because I won second place in a PHOTO blogging competition organised by them). If so, it appears to me they are people who are in touch with the people and willing to listen.

Kudos to this bunch of civil servants! 🙂

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  1. Maybe, no camera, no photography, no visitor, no money – no good KPI. And we know what happened to civil servants with very poor KPIs. Also, when Singaporean visitors complained about it, they see you no up.

    But, maybe, when enough foreign visitors complained, they only relented and relaxed the rules. They are scared of only foreign ones. Well, it could be that something is bigger.

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