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“Be safe at work or be sorry?”

farrer park mrt

I saw an interesting series of posters at Farrer Park MRT Station last weekend. These posters have different Indian languages copies. Since Singapore’s Indian workers’ enclave is just nearby in the Upper Serangoon Road, Little India area, these posters obviously have them in mind as target audiences.

Check them out:

poster 1 - english

Poster 2 - indian 1

poster 3 - indian 2

poster 4 - indian 4

It’s a good initiative from the Ministry of Manpower. Foreign construction workers are the ones who build our homes. They have a part to play in our nation’s success. However, their work environment and welfare provided by their employers are seldom ideal, judging from the frequent news reports of foreign workers who were cheated of their wages or exploited in harsh work conditions.

These posters are a small step forward, but it’s a right one. Educating foreign workers of their rights protect them against wayward employers who capitalise on the ignorance of others.

In our move towards a gracious society, it is important no one gets left behind. Not even foreign workers.

Hmmm… I wonder if they have such similar posters targeted at another vulnerable group – Indonesian domestic helpers? Anyone seen anything like that?

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