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Need a mass date?

Maybe you may want to try out Table for 6:

T46 invite

I received this strange mass dating email invite yesterday from a company called Ideas & Concepts. It is said that this event was held in celebration of the lame, Romancing Singapore. Here’s what they claim on their website:

Three star ladies and three star gentlemen have been selected by Ideas & Concepts.

Singles at large from all walks of life in Singapore can write in for a free group date with them on 13 Feb 2008. The Table For Six (T46) date is complimentary from Ideas & Concepts.

I seriously don’t know where they got my email from. I also received a lot of other such emails and phone calls from other dating agencies. Did the now defunct SDU (Social Development Unit) sold their graduate database to them? Or maybe the culprit was Green Dot Internet Services who used to managed the NS-men portal under For some strange reasons, after the NS-men portal shifted to, Green Dot still holds the miw site and database (legal loophole?).

I didn’t bother to unsubscribe them because I find it secretly amusing to check out some of the funny dating services offered. Once in a while, some of the events offer a good laugh.

Table for 6 (T46 for short) has singled out 6 “Star Singles” to go on group date on 13 February. They comprises an Administrator, a Real Estate Manager, a Group Financial Controller, a Polytechnic Lecturer, a Hotel Sales Manager and a Regional Sales Manager. I wonder how they convince these six people to front such a silly mass dating thing.

Here are their photos:

T46 Star Singles

I bet it will be damn awkward lor! Everyone will just sit around and gawk at each other because nobody knows anyone except the “Star Singles”. Maybe it’s just me being skeptical lah.

In any case, I am curious if any of you receive such funny dating services pitches as well? Can’t be just me right? 🙂

I recall there was even one agency which used to keep calling me at least once a week to inform me of their latest and most exciting events. There was one particularly hilarious phone pitch where the lady told me they had a super exciting event on that evening itself and that “too many girls have signed up, we are now waiting for only the guys”.

Please lei… want to lie also don’t lie until so obvious! When have there EVER BEEN MORE LADIES THAN GUYS AT DATING EVENTS! (Unless the girls are way past their sell-by date or have character flaws lor)

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  1. Sure, why not – it’s possible for social events to have more girls than guys. To make a broad generalization, girls prefer to do things in groups, for moral support; guys tend to be lone rangers. (Going to dating events doesn’t seem like a typical guy bonding activity.) Anyway, these things need a certain number of ppl to reach critical mass and be successful, so spamming every address in the database seems to be an understandable approach.

    T46 does sound awfully contrived. It’s almost like a sped-up version of The Bachelor/Bachelorette – it just needs a camera crew…

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