This is a cautionary tale for spurned Romeos who think that going online to smear the reputation of their would-be Juliets would win them sympathy – it may instead backfires badly, as in the case of this guy who goes by the online moniker of “Spiffymofo1990” on the male-dominant EDMW forum in Singapore.

Spiffymofo1990 started a forum thread titled “Girls are heartless creatures” to describe how a Singaporean lady, Rena Mak, had spurned his advances and took him for granted. He even named her Instagram account publicity, probably hoping to draw shame and ridicule to the lady.

This was what he posted:

“Do u all just feel that girls are heartless creatures juz bcos they think they r pretty? Dis girl used to be my platoon mate in BMT, heard she exit bcos heart problem. Last time got follow each other, now realize she unfollow liao, reply story also never bother to seen me sia. Face 7/10, heart 0/10 jibai

her insta is @renamak”

Forummers at first appear to be slightly sympathetic of his complains, but were still sceptical of his one-sided story in the original thread he created on the forum.

However, after someone contacted Rena Mak to get her side of the story, the tide was turned sharply against Spiffymofo1990. Here’s the supposed screenshots of her report which was shared on another thread in the forum:

As it turns out, it seems that Spiffymofo1990 has been intentionally blocked by Rena Mak for his alleged creepy behaviour in stalking her – all the way to a Pandan Gardens where she goes for her ballet lessons.

Unlike the vindictive Spiffymofo1990, Rena Mak did not seem to wish ill upon the guy. Instead, she asked the person who contacted her to help apologise to him on her behalf and refused to name and shame the guy even though she seems to know who the poster was. How kind and charming! No wonder the alleged stalker fell so madly in love with her.

We do not know what happened to Spiffymofo1990 or Rena Mak after the online exchanges. However, it’s clear who is the bigger person from the saga and the one with the beauty and the heart.