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Charge!! Cromartie High – World No. 1 Retarded Manga

Charge!! Cromaratie High

Recently… I got addicted to a retarded manga series. The jokes are lame, the characters are fugly, the author himself, Eiji Nonaka don’t even seem to give much care how he draws the comic or develops the characters.

This manga is called 魁!!クロマティ高校 ,Sakigake!! Kuromati Kōkōor Charge!! Cromartie High in English.

Strangely, this is where it’s appeal lies – you never know what to expect every time you pick up a volume of Cromartie High. One moment the characters are normal high school students, and the next moment they are mingling with human-apes in an underground sewage world.

A short synopsis from Wikipedia reads:

It follows the everyday life of Takashi Kamiyama and his odd classmates at Cromartie High School, an infamous school for delinquents. Takashi was originally just another above-average student until he decided to enroll at Cromartie. Everyone else at Cromartie assumes that he’s the toughest kid in school, since a rabbit would never go into a den of lions (unless it was a really badass rabbit). He has ambitions to change the school for the sake of bettering its student body. In secret, he is an amateur comedian who writes and sends jokes to be heard on special radio stations under the penname of “Honey Boy”. In later episodes, he becomes the number one boss in Japan after winning the National Boss Championship, only winning after being the only one to answer the first question correctly. He later defeats the legendary biker Sadaharu in a race.

The synopsis is a dead giveaway that this manga has an extremely weird storyline isn’t it? There are lots of strange characters in Cromartie High – a gorilla, a masked man and a robot who thinks he is a high school student, just to name a few. Read more about them on Wikipedia.

However, if you are thinking this is a trash manga that only appeals to weirdo like Alvinology, you are seriously wrong. Here are some facts about Cromartie High:

– The manga won the 2002 Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen
– The manga has been adapted into an anime series and a real actors movie
– Both the manga and anime have been released in North America

Catch the trailers for the anime series and movie below! I am not lying!

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